On a recent trip to the Trafford centre I saw YSL were doing an exclusive special edition YSL lipstick package. You purchase 2 of their Rouge pur couture lipsticks and get interchangeable limited edition lids to go on them, all presented in a YSL box for no extra cost. I thought they looked super classy so decided to treat myself.


I simply love YSL not only for their luxury brand and packaging but their products are great too. I’m a massive fan of their Rouge Volupte shine lipsticks as I love a more balmy feel and a glossy look without wearing a sticky gloss, the only problem is they don’t last well on the lips, however they do look fab when you pull one out your bag to reapply.

I purchased 2 lipsticks in the shades 66 Bois de rose and 17 Rose dahlia and chose the lids in a nude and gold snake print finish and also the red and gold snake print finish.

These not only look amazing but are a great handbag must-have.



The Rouge pur couture lipsticks are available in 43 shades.

I purchased 2 shades, 66 Bois de rose, a deeper neutral colour with a slight purple tinge, looks slightly less intense in person than it does in the picture, I have quite a bit of natural colour in my lips so feel I can’t wear anything too nude this has a similar tone to my Chanel lipstick in Mademoiselle.


I also chose 17 Rose dahlia, a beautiful bright corally-red, again slightly less intense in person which makes this a very wearable shade, not too intense for a brighter day look.


As you can see below these are both beautiful, wearable shades and a great addition to my personal collection.



YSL claims “an SPF 15 moisturising formula which saturates lips with intense, stay-true colour and medium to full coverage, with a radiant, satin lipstick finish” and I would have to agree, if I go for a full cover lipstick I much prefer a satin finish and these offer just that, a comfortable wear yet great colour pay off.


Again YSL claims a “up to 6 hours” wear, like with all lip products it depends what you are doing whilst wearing them, eating, drinking…kissing all will affect the longevity. I am very pleased with the longevity of this product though and would highly recommend.


As with all YSL products their packaging is super classy, whether you buy the standard lipsticks in their sleek gold packaging or these limited edition ones they both look amazing when you pull them out to reapply.

Here is a close up of the 2  complimentary special edition YSL lipstick package lids I chose.



I love these lipsticks, a great product, with a great finish, available in an amazing shade range, in fabulous packaging…what’s not to love!

These retail at £28 and I am happy to pay that, it maybe a little out of someone’s budget but I would definitely suggest putting it on your gift list.

You can treat yourself or a loved one to their very own HERE

Hope you liked this post, if you have any questions or comments please comment below

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I love skincare and love trying out new products. I like to have a range of skincare on the go and swap and change between products and brands, that’s not because I’m not happy with a product, I just personally feel that when i use a product for a long time either my skin or I get used to the results and fail to see how good it is.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes adding a new product can be a bad move and it may not agree with my skin which is sometimes why just changing one product at a time is a good idea, so you can easily identify the culprit.

On a recent shopping trip I came across Bare Minerals Skincare, it’s not a brand I have had much experience with so thought I would give it a try.


I decided on the Glow to go kit which contains:
Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam
Vital Power Infusion
Age Defence and Renew Serum
Essential Moisturising Soft Cream

I do like the fact that there’s a little bit of everything in the kit and it was only slightly more than buying the Vital Power Fusion on it’s own…the ‘for ridiculously glowy skin’ description on the box also sold it to me…who doesn’t want beautifully glowy skin?

When it comes to cleansing I always prefer to use a balm or oil to breakdown my makeup, I wear Doublewear and it takes some shifting so I feel the oily textures help to melt into the skin and bring off stubborn makeup.

However some can be quite rich and sometimes feel like they have left a film on my skin which can cause some breakouts, so I started to use the Bare Minerals Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam after I have used my oil/balm to help remove any residue and to freshen up the skin.

In the morning obviously I have no makeup on so I have just been using the Bare Minerals Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam to cleanse and refresh my skin, I do like the feeling of washing my face with water in a morning, it seems to help wake me up.

Following that I apply 2 pumps of Vital Power Fusion, followed by 2 pumps of Age Defence and Renew Serum. Both these products are very light in texture and sink into the skin beautifully, they have a pleasant, light scent, nothing overpowering or irritating at all.

In the kit there was a sample of Vital Power Eye Gel Cream, my eye are is often very dehydrated and sometimes a gel is not enough and a cream can be too heavy, so this gel cream texture is a perfect compromise to offer hydration whilst still being light and cooling.

The last step is then to apply the Essential Moisturizing Soft Cream, again this product is lightweight yet hydrating with a pleasant subtle scent.


All these products I apply morning and night, it’s early days but so far I’m absolutely loving the products, my skin is hydrated and smooth yet not overloaded with heavy products.

I will keep you posted on how I get on with these products and whether I would repurchase

To purchase the Glow to go kit click HERE


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There’s no better feeling than getting to the till with a full priced item you want and it happens to be reduced… or getting free gifts…or money off…I JUST LOVE A GOOD BARGAIN!

I am always on the hunt to replace and add new items to my kit (and try things out myself) I am constantly trawling the internet for products, swatches and reviews.

The skin prep side of my kit I keep fairly small as I carry around a pretty extensive makeup kit, it’s also just not practical to carry around skincare for every skin type and concern. And whilst skin care is super important and provides a great canvas for makeup, results are not always instant so it’s more important what products the client use daily at home rather than what I apply directly before makeup.

The main thing I need the skincare to do prior to makeup application is cleanse and hydrate, whether it’s in a light gel form for oily skin or a richer consistancy for a drier skin.

Makeup will sit better on a plump, hydrated, fresh skin.

I was looking to add a couple of products to my kit from Clinique. The Dramatically different moisturiser and the Moisture surge 72hr auto-replenishing hydrator , I have also just got to the bottom of my Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm and have heard great things about Clinique’s Take the day off.


As I was looking through the Clinique website I added the Take the day off cleansing balm and Moisture surge to my basket, the total was £60, as I went back to look for the Dramatically different moisturiser I came across an offer and couldn’t believe my eyes!

In the offer was a full size Take the day off and full size moisture surge, just what I wanted, there was also a full size Clinique smart custom repair serum, full size All about eyes, 7 days of fresh pressed pure vitamin C, full size high impact mascara and full size pop up colour in nude pop…….all this was on sale for £70 just £10 more than I was already going to pay for 2 items.

I added up the value of the products and it came to £200.50… for £70!!!!


What an absolute bargain, so I swiftly removed the single items and added the offer and also got the dramatically different moisturizer. As I headed to the checkout I received yet more freebies a vit c sample, a trial size rinse off foaming cleanser, mini high impact mascara (I forgot to photograph), beyond perfecting super concealer sample and a chubby stick lip colour, all perfect sizes for trying new products or taking on holiday or overnight stays.


I was over the moon with the amount of product I had got for my money, it’s a great way to try out more from the Clinique range, without breaking the bank.

Obviously there are MANY skincare companies out there but what attracted me to Clinique as an addition to my kit was the fact they are fragrance free and allergy tested, which on the number of clients I do makeup on just helps minimize the risk of irritation.

Have you got any Clinique favourites? Would you like me to review the items?

Comment below

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This is often something people struggle with and nothing makes me cringe more than poorly applied lashes so here’s some TIPS ON HOW TO APPLY STRIP LASHES.

Firstly it’s not easy applying them to yourself, but practice makes perfect, the more you do it the better you will be, so hang on in there.


Here are some tips to hopefully make the process a little easier


Some lashes have an “invisible” band these can sometimes feel more comfortable to wear and are sometimes easier to mold to the eye. However some people find the lashes with a band easier to apply as they hold their shape better when applying them, it’s all down to personal preference.


This is really down to personal preference, the longer and thicker they are the less natural they will look and they won’t feel as comfortable. So if you are new to lashes start light and work up.


All lashes come in a variety of widths and so do people’s eyes, so before you apply the lashes measure them against your own eye and trim where necessary so they are a perfect fit. Lashes which come too close to your inner eye will often feel uncomfortable, lashes shouldn’t extend past the outer eye.


The hardest thing about getting the positioning of the lashes correct is that when looking in the mirror straight in front of you your own lashes are in the way. By having the mirror down low you are looking down and your eyelashes are also lower, giving you a better angle to apply the lash.


Some maybe better than others but I always discard the lash glue that comes with the lashes and use a better quality adhesive, my favourite is Duo glue.


When you apply the glue to the lash, wait a minute or so for the lash glue to start to dry before applying, its less likely to slide around when you place it on your lashes and also you have less time to hold in place and wait for it to fully dry.


There’s nothing worse than seeing lashes stuck to your eyelid, make sure you squeeze them to your lashes to avoid a gap.


Apply eyeliner before your lashes to give your lashes a dark base, which will also help to disguise any gap. Apply eyeliner after lashes to help disguise the lash band and create a seamless finish.

I hope you found this helpful, if you have any questions feel free to comment below

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As if I needed to buy anymore makeup, but when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury I just can’t resist. I have been building up my collection slowly but surely (See my last post here) but this week I had a big blow out and ordered twice in a week, so here’s what I got in my latest Charlotte Tilbury haul.

The purpose of my first order was to get a brown eyeliner for a bride that had specified brown over black, you can’t just order an eyeliner so before I knew it I was click happy and my basket was filling up by the second!


First things first, what I actually came for, a Rock ‘n’ Kohl eye liner in Barberella brown….and one in Bedroom black to keep it company. I didn’t realise just how much I would love this brown eyeliner, it’s really dark just a hint softer than black, I smoke it out with a pencil brush, it blends out nicely yet it isn’t too creamy that it’s going to melt down your face.

My Wonderglow was getting low so this was straight in the basket, this is my 4th repurchase of Wonderglow, a beautiful instant soft focus primer which provides a great base for makeup.

I had seen the new Hollywood Flawless Filter popping up all over social media and although I was unsure what the product was, I was still intrigued and 2 ended up in the basket. If I’m totally honest I’m still unsure on what this product is designed for it has a soft glow but has coverage, too glowy to use all over as a foundation yet more that just a highlighter. That being said I do really like it and have been applying a light cover of my doublewear and then adding the Flawless Filter for a slight extra coverage and glow on areas such as cheeks and nose.

Whilst we are on the glow topic I also purchased the Beauty light wand, a beautiful creamy highlighter that melts beautifully into the skin.

Lipgloss doesn’t tend to feature much in my kit as I find that the glossy texture is a magnet for loose curls and veils if there is a breeze. However I have started to get asked for it so I thought I would try a couple of the Charlotte Tilbury glosses. I ordered Portobello girl and Sweet Stiletto, these glosses apply beautifully and have a nice, thick-ish consistency that you can tell is going to last a while, with no stickiness.

Last but not least I ordered another Flawless finish face powder, I already own Medium however on a fair skin or under the eyes it has a little too much colour so I opted for Fair.

That was order number one, of course it came beautifully packaged and filled with an array of samples to try, as if I need any encouragement!

So the whole purpose of the first order was the brown eyeliner for my bride, which I fell in love with and had to keep for myself, which meant the reason for order number 2 was still the brown eyeliner for my bride!


I had seen on Instagram the beautiful Bigger brighter eyes paletttes and knew one had to be mine, I chose the shade Exaggereyes, a beautiful 4 shadow palette in soft neutral tones, perfect for a more subtle bridal look.

Ok, not sure whether I was having a senior moment or whether it’s just automatic as I can’t be without it but another Wonderglow ended up in the order.

Another product I can’t live without is the amazing Magic cream, a thick moisturiser packed full of skincare goodness which provides a great base for makeup.

During my first order I had wanted to order Eyes to Mesmerize in the shade Jean however it was out of stock, this time I was in luck! A beautiful champagne shimmery cream shadow, perfect for inner eye highlight.

I own quite a few Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and I tend to buy the neutral to pinky shades but with quite a bit of colour as those are the shades I wear myself however I get asked for some quite pale nudes so decided to order Kim KW and Liv it up to add to my collection.

So lots of new toys to play with and yet more samples, which are my little treats.

What is your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product?

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