Heavy weekend? A few too many cocktails? Red, puffy, dehydrated face…let’s look at HOW TO TREAT HUNGOVER SKIN.

Everyone likes to go out and let their hair down once in a while (some more than others!) which is all good until you have a few too many and you look like death warmed up the next day.

As well as hammering your liver alcohol plays havoc with your skin, it causes your body to become dehydrated, which gives you a headache, dark sunken eyes and will accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. As a defence mechanism your body will sense the dehydration and start to retain water which causes blood vessels to enlarge, and in regular binge drinking can cause them to break, this excess fluid your body stores can often result in a puffy appearance.

The toxic effect of the alcohol and the sugar it contains can have long term detrimental effects on the skin, long after the head pounding and room spinning has subsided.

So what can you do?

  • Prevention is obviously better than cure, a few glasses of wine with or after a meal isn’t going to do much harm but repeated binge drinking sessions and high sugar drinks will.
  • Try to opt for low sugar drinks such as vodka, lime and soda rather than coke and alcopops.
  • Always drink a pint of water before you go out and when you get home, this will help to keep you hydrated.

Another factor that will harm your skin is quite often people will be wearing a heavier makeup application for a night out and be in such a sorry state that they can’t or don’t remove it before bed, even attempting to remove it when you are drunk and tired often means there is makeup left on the skin all night, clogging the pores.

How to treat it?

Your skin will be in need of some TLC, it may be red, puffy, spotty and definitely dehydrated.

Although it needs a lot of love, your skin, as well as yourself will be feeling quite delicate so avoid anything too harsh and use a light touch when applying creams.


Give your skin a good cleanse – Either all or at least some of your makeup is sure to be lurking so give your skin a gentle but thorough cleanse. Face wipes serve their purpose but may be too harsh and not effective enough for this process. Opt for a nice cleansing balm or oil that will break down the makeup without too much rubbing and friction on the skin. If you have done a good job at removing makeup or don’t wear much to begin with then just a gentle wash off cleanser will leave you feeling refreshed.

Spritz – A nice hydrating, cooling spritz of a facial mist is sure to refresh and revitalize your skin, a favourite of mine is Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic

Put on a mask – If your skin has broken out then try a gentle detox mask otherwise a nice soothing, hydrating mask will give your skin a nice treat. Both the ones pictured from Bobbi Brown are gentle yet effective.

Serums & oils – Anything rich in anti oxidants and high in moisture boosting ingredients your skin is sure to soak up.

Moisturise – Apply a soothing, hydrating moisturiser designed for your skin type to seal in all the other goodies you have applied.

Eyes – Your eyes are likely to be sore, puffy, red and dark so a nice hydrating gel ideally refrigerated so its nice and cooling will help soothe, hydrate and reduce puffiness. Collagen soaked eye pads like these ones from Elemis are a lovely treat whilst your mask is on leave them on for 15 mins and massage in any remaining product.

Massage – Your red, puffy skin and dilated blood vessels will welcome anything cool to soothe the skin. Sometimes ice is applied to soothe and reduce inflammation. I however love these crystal rollers (see pic), the crystal is lovely and cooling and gently rolled over your skin it is so soothing.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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I love summer, the sun, sitting out in the garden and most of all I love beautiful bronzed skin. Seen as it’s February let’s find a SAFE AND EASY WAY TO GET A SUMMER GLOW IN WINTER.

I’m really lucky that in the sunshine my skin does tan well, we just don’t get much sunshine and I don’t really get chance to jet off on holiday either.

This left me with two options sunbeds or self tanning.

Self tan always seemed a faff for me, trying to apply it to yourself and not turn into a streaky mess was a task in itself but the biggest thing I hated was leaving it on for 8 hours or more to develop, even sleeping in it was awful, so for years, sunbeds it was.

I loved how brown I was, how it made me feel, how much better different clothes suited me and that 9 mins of warmth and peace on the electric beach was bliss.

Sure, as a beauty therapist I knew it was aging my skin but in my late 20’s I wasn’t bothered, I went on weekly then, twice a week, then 3 times and slowly it crept up to maybe 5 times a week.

I then had a bit of a scare when I discovered something on my toenail, I did the worse thing and googled it, which brought up an image of what looked like my toe and MELANOMA I felt sick, absolutely sick I booked in to see the Dr expecting him to say “oh its nothing”….so when he took one look and said “I’m going to have to refer you”.. a total feeling of dread filled my body.

The wait to see the specialist was the longest wait of my life and all sorts of feelings filled my head, would I see another Christmas with my kids? would I see them grow up?…

When I went to see the specialist he was the best in his field so I felt totally reassured that I was in good hands, thankfully it turned out not to be melanoma of the nail but that had definitely been my wake up call.

I tried with a few more gradual tans and fake tans and just gave up, getting slowly paler and paler, which as it drew closer to winter so was everyone else but I felt so pasty.

It was then that I came across 2 products that changed my thoughts on self tanners altogether.


Firstly I received a product as part of a GWP (gift with purchase) from a company called Tan Luxe they were drops that you add in to your normal face moisturiser to give you a tan. Tanning my face had always been an issue, either the tanning creams were too greasy and made me break out in spots and almost everyone I had tried had gone into my pores making me appear to be plagued with blackheads.

This product was a game changer you add as much or as little as you like and build up a nice summer colour, no breakouts as it was going in my usual moisturiser and not a black pore in sight…WINNER

I think the biggest game changer came when I purchased a product from Minetan called Violet this was the answer to my prayers on everything I hated about tanning.

This is a rapid tan meaning you only need to leave it on a couple of hours (I had tried similar products in the past that when I washed the product seemed to was straight off).

I applied it with a mitt onto clean dry skin and left mine on for the full 3 hours. When I showered only a little guide colour came off leaving me with a lovely colour, the instructions say that it continues to tan on your skin, I can’t honestly say that I noticed it getting much darker but I was so happy with the colour.


It was so natural and perfect for during the day, it is still only just going into spring so I want to look “well” not necessarily like I’ve tanned. If I was going out at night I might apply on two consecutive days. I was just so happy that I didn’t have to waste a day walking round like a zombie…or lose a nights sleep worrying if I was smudging my tan and stinking of biscuits.

If you haven’t tried a rapid tan, you must….and if you haven’t liked them in the past you must try this one.

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*This is not an AD, I have paid full price for this product and receive no commission for any sales for these items.

For more information on Skin Cancer please click here



With the colder, drier weather and the central heating cranked up our skin needs extra love during the winter here’s HOW TO HELP YOUR SKIN SURVIVE WINTER.

Keep up your fluid intake

In winter we are more likely to want hot beverages like tea and coffee rather than sipping on water.

Caffeine loaded drinks are more likely to dehydrate your skin so opt for fruit/herbal teas or even better boiled water with some lemon, mint or ginger.

Do try to keep sipping the water whenever possible though.

Keep up the moisture levels

Whether your skin is dry or oily you need to keep it well moisturised. If you or your skin don’t like rich creams layer up with light serums and gels with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or keep a light hydrating face mist in your bag such as Rodial Dragon’s blood hyaluronic tonic, which I love!


Add in hydrating, repairing masks, serums and mists to take your skincare to the next level.

Don’t forget hands and lips

Hands can really feel the effects of winter as they are exposed and more often than not, not protected.

Use hand cream throughout the day if possible, this can sometimes be tricky to remember or not convenient so always make sure its by your bed to apply at night and when out in the cold pop on some snuggly gloves.

Lips can often dry out anytime of year but cold winds and central heating only make them worse, when I brush my teeth I brush over my lips to help remove the loose flaky skin I seem to get at this time of year.

Always keep them hydrated with a nourishing lip balm and also apply that before bed. I’ve just purchased By Terry baume de rose, yes its a luxury product and pretty pricey for a lip balm, but it is amazing!


When skin gets dry it can often feel rough and look dull, so scrub away to reveal new, brighter, more radiant skin, removing the dead skin will also allow creams and oils to penetrate more efficiently into the skin.

If, like me you aren’t a fan of scrubs on your face, opt for an AHA or BHA lotion which gently exfoliates without that scratchy, bitty feeling.

You still need an SPF

I know the temperatures will be dropping and there’s no chance of a tan but that winter sun is still bright and shining so protect your skin, especially your face with an SPF.

Red patches and Rudolph nose

Many of us will end up with some kind of sniffles during winter or maybe your skin is so dry you get rough, red patches, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is an excellent skin saviour.

Don’t forget your body..

Scrub away that dry skin and slather yourself in body lotion before bed and wake up with baby soft skin.

And your hair

With colouring and heat styling I think a lot of us suffer with dry ends on our hair anyway, so treat your hair to a nice weekly deep conditioning treatment and use a light protecting oil to seal in that moisture and prevent further dryness. At the moment I am loving the Joico K-PAK deep penetrating reconstructor and also the restorative styling oil, I have very dry hair yet it is really fine and this oil is hydrating, yet super lightweight. I apply the oil onto damp hair before blow drying and also a small amount on the ends after I have dried and straightened it.


What are your winter skin treats?

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Thought I was being clever with this post title as a play on words but now I have the Meghan Trainor song stuck in my head!


I touched on the importance of skincare briefly in a previous post, however I wanted to discuss this in a little more in depth.

From a makeup artist point a view I am constantly handed pictures of makeup examples where the faces are filtered and photoshopped within an inch of their life, this doesn’t allow people to have realistic expectations of REAL makeup and REAL skin, so when it comes to makeup are we expecting far too much from cosmetic products?

If we look at foundation, for example, some of us want it to be heavy duty enough to cover pigmentation, scarring, spots, freckles etc yet want it to look natural and glowing or not settle in dehydration lines and wrinkles…..and I know this as this is ME!

This is where you need to stop and think – why don’t I try and treat or stop the pigmentation, clear up the spots/congestion, treat my dehydration and keep my skin soft, supple and hydrated, this is the job of skincare, diet and lifestyle….not makeup.

There are many types of skin types, skin conditions and skin concerns so I will try and skim over a few.

Skin types

Normal – No or few imperfections, No sensitivity, Barely visible pores, A radiant complexion.

Dry – Almost invisible pores, Dull, rough complexion, Red patches, Less elasticity, More visible lines

Oily – Enlarged pores, Dull or shiny, thick complexion, Blackheads, congestion and other blemishes

Combination – Dry areas, Shiny areas, Larger pores, congestion

Sensitive – Redness, burning, Itching, Dryness

Sometimes its hard to know our skin type as the products we are currently using might be masking it, for example your cream might be too emollient so your skin appears shiny and oily when really that is purely the wrong moisturiser or you may have dry, tight skin with flaky patches but the toner or other products might be too astringent and are drying out your skin.

With wall to wall creams, lotion, potions, serums, mists, oils how are we to know what’s best?

Finding the correct products can often be trial and error, this is unfortunately quite a costly process.

Things to remember when buying new products:

  • Don’t change 2 or 3 products at a time as its hard to see whats giving you great results or causing you any problems.
  • Try a sample or purchase a trial size, a sample won’t be enough to see any great results but it will be enough to check there’s no reactions. I love buying trial sizes as it gives you enough to know whether you want to purchase the full size.
  • This goes with the previous advice, often larger sizes are much better value but if you are trying a product for the first time and your skin doesn’t like it or its not benefiting you then you are stuck with it.
  • Find what’s right for YOUR skin type and concerns, not what your bestfriend or the latest celebrity is using or has the nicest packaging. (Think we’ve all had one or two of those moments)
  • Give new products a chance. Just because you have started a new product and then woke up with a spot don’t disregard the product and say “it breaks me out” that spot may have been making an appearance anyway. Also any kind of deep cleansing and stimulation can result in spots, as this is all the congestion coming out of your skin.

This might seem like stating the obvious but buying a product and having it on your bathroom shelf won’t make a scrap of difference on your skin. These products need to be used regularly and consistently to have any affect on the skin, a fancy face mask won’t clear up your skin if you are not cleansing thoroughly and are leaving your pores clogged.

Do your research into the active ingredients in your products don’t be misled by elaborate sales pitches and marketing. Many anti aging products apart from being emollient and keeping the skin supple won’t have an amazing effect on the skin, the one main product that has been proven to help prevent signs of aging is Retinol, this product is really effective but it doesn’t come without issues…. think I’ll do a whole Retinol post soon so look out for that!

Lots of other factors affect our skin other than our skincare routine, hormones, health conditions, stress and of course our diet and lifestyle. So don’t be expecting too much from a little pot of cream try and assist your cosmetics by improving the other factors too.

A book that I have recently purchased and ABSOLUTELY LOVING is Liz Earle SKIN it’s a great resource for all things skincare, click here for more information.


What’s your current skincare routine?


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This is my review of the Skinkissed vitamin C serum.


Firstly I would like to point out that I was sent this product to review, however I will ALWAYS give my honest thoughts and opinions on a product.

I have had this product for a while now and like with any review I like to give the product a good try before casting my opinions. This product arrived just as my skin had a hissy fit so it was really a good time to test whether it would help or hinder my skin.

This is a vitamin C serum with Hyaluronic acid and collagen, the 3 things I love in my skincare products. Now that its winter (and I am 37) I like to add products under my moisturiser so I was really excited to try this, I have used similar things in the past so I wanted to see how this one compared.


The serum is packaged in a dark brown glass bottle with a pipette on the top for dispensing the product. The label on the front displays the name, ingredients, directions of use, product features, caution, quantity of product and company details. It contains 20ml of product and retails for £39.95

What it claims

“Skinkissed serum is designed to remove acne and help reduce signs of ageing. It has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst hydrating and leaving your skin with a natural glow”

My first impressions

As I looked at the label of the bottle I noticed it had highlighted any allergens and as it contains marine collagen, in bold letters it said FISH, now it definitely wasn’t a concern for me from an allergy point of you, but like many of you my instant thought was I really don’t want to cover my face in something that smells of fish! So I was quick to remove the lid and have a good sniff….and no fishy smell so we are good to go.

The instructions say to add 3 – 5 drops I must admit I put about 5-10 on, it has a slight smell, it’s not bad but not the most pleasant, it doesn’t linger at all so its not an issue for me.

The texture has a slight stickiness and at first I thought hmm I might not like this but it didn’t stay sticky and once I added my normal moisturiser there was absolutely no sticky feeling remaining.

What it did for my skin

So a bit of background I’ve always had pretty clear skin, as I have got older pigmentation has appeared and obviously fine lines, both due to age and also dehydration.

However as I said earlier, a day or two before this product arrived I don’t know what on earth was going on but I developed about 10 – want to say spots but they never formed a head – big, hard, red, super sore lumps on my face they were around my chin and jaw and on my temples, they were so sore it was uncomfortable lying on my side to sleep.

Nothing in my skincare had changed so when this product arrived I added it in to my routine and thought my skin couldn’t get much worse.

I applied it under my normal moisturiser day and night and was pretty amazed at the results, the next day the lumps were less red and sore and within a few days they were practically gone, I’ve used the product since I got it and my skin has returned to normal. I’ve also noticed a slight reduction in the pigmentation on my cheeks and my skin feels soft and supple.


CLICK HERE for more information or to purchase.

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