I love skincare and love trying out new products. I like to have a range of skincare on the go and swap and change between products and brands, that’s not because I’m not happy with a product, I just personally feel that when i use a product for a long time either my skin or I get used to the results and fail to see how good it is.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes adding a new product can be a bad move and it may not agree with my skin which is sometimes why just changing one product at a time is a good idea, so you can easily identify the culprit.

On a recent shopping trip I came across Bare Minerals Skincare, it’s not a brand I have had much experience with so thought I would give it a try.


I decided on the Glow to go kit which contains:
Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam
Vital Power Infusion
Age Defence and Renew Serum
Essential Moisturising Soft Cream

I do like the fact that there’s a little bit of everything in the kit and it was only slightly more than buying the Vital Power Fusion on it’s own…the ‘for ridiculously glowy skin’ description on the box also sold it to me…who doesn’t want beautifully glowy skin?

When it comes to cleansing I always prefer to use a balm or oil to breakdown my makeup, I wear Doublewear and it takes some shifting so I feel the oily textures help to melt into the skin and bring off stubborn makeup.

However some can be quite rich and sometimes feel like they have left a film on my skin which can cause some breakouts, so I started to use the Bare Minerals Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam after I have used my oil/balm to help remove any residue and to freshen up the skin.

In the morning obviously I have no makeup on so I have just been using the Bare Minerals Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam to cleanse and refresh my skin, I do like the feeling of washing my face with water in a morning, it seems to help wake me up.

Following that I apply 2 pumps of Vital Power Fusion, followed by 2 pumps of Age Defence and Renew Serum. Both these products are very light in texture and sink into the skin beautifully, they have a pleasant, light scent, nothing overpowering or irritating at all.

In the kit there was a sample of Vital Power Eye Gel Cream, my eye are is often very dehydrated and sometimes a gel is not enough and a cream can be too heavy, so this gel cream texture is a perfect compromise to offer hydration whilst still being light and cooling.

The last step is then to apply the Essential Moisturizing Soft Cream, again this product is lightweight yet hydrating with a pleasant subtle scent.


All these products I apply morning and night, it’s early days but so far I’m absolutely loving the products, my skin is hydrated and smooth yet not overloaded with heavy products.

I will keep you posted on how I get on with these products and whether I would repurchase

To purchase the Glow to go kit click HERE


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