I often get asked about cleaning makeup brushes and it’s something people often neglect, so I have been wanting to do a post on it for a while.

I thought whilst hygiene measures are being brought to people’s attention at the moment, now would be a good time to discuss the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes.


Whether they are for personal or professional use makeup brushes can harbour lots of germs. Professional brushes (I would like to think) are always kept as clean and germ free as possible between clients.

It’s our own personal makeup brushes that can be the problem so let’s look at why.

How often are you cleaning your makeup brushes?….Honestly! Where do you store your makeup brushes?

Quite often people think “I’m only using them on my own face and that’s clean” and part of that is fair enough, you aren’t going to cross contaminate with anyone.

But due to this line of thought makeup brushes can often be left for months….and months without being cleaned.

Often makeup brushes are shoved in a makeup bag or rolling round a handbag and goodness knows what they are coming into contact with.

There isn’t just makeup on your brushes there’s skin cells, sweat, bacteria and dust all of which can’t be seen, yet you are rubbing round your face daily.

Often if people are suffering with breakouts and skin conditions cleaning your makeup brushes can be a good place to start.

But hey, I’m not judging my professional kit is kept in tip top condition but I’m human and with my own brushes I can be just like the majority of people out there with my infrequent, sporadic brush washing.

Firstly there are 2 ways of cleaning your makeup brushes

  1. Clean your brushes with an alcohol based cleaner.
  2. Wash your brushes with soap and water

I hold my hands well and truly up and say that I only wash my personal brushes. I don’t really suffer with breakouts at all, if I did I would be sure to clean them after every use.

How often do I wash my personal makeup brushes?

I’ve now tried to get into a good habit with my personal brush cleaning. So on a Sunday if I’m not doing a wedding I tend to be in very light makeup if I leave the house or no makeup if I’m staying in. So I find this is the best time to clean my makeup brushes, they then have all day and night to dry and are nice and clean ready to use Monday morning.

What do I use?

Washing up liquid! Shock horror! I find this is the best thing at quickly and effectively breaking down the makeup especially products like foundation and concealer.

How do I wash them?

I use a Real techniques brush cleansing palette. It’s a rubber device that fits over your hand with little bumps on it.

Firstly I squeeze a little bit of washing up liquid onto the palette. Then in turn I wet each brush and rub it into the liquid rubbing over the bumps to help break down the product.


At intervals I clean off the palette and add more washing up liquid until all the brushes have been done.

Some larger foundation brushes may require a second clean, I do find the more frequently you clean them the quicker and easier it is to do as there is not the same amount of build up.


Once they have all been soaped up I use warm running water, whilst I rub them around the clean mitt to get rid of all the soap.

I then carefully squeeze the excess water from the bristles, dry off excess water gently on a towel, reshape the bristles before laying them on the top of my radiator to dry.

How do I store my makeup brushes?

I don’t keep my makeup brushes in my makeup bag or handbag, they are stored in a pot of their own, on my window sill. If you want to be a little more hygiene conscious maybe that pot should be in a cupboard to help protect against dust falling on them.

Things to remember when cleaning your makeup brushes

Clean them thoroughly but be gentle with the bristles – Being rough and scrubbing hard will just distort the bristles, use circular motions and a light touch.

Don’t soak your brushes – Brush manufacturers advise that you don’t allow excess water to collect in the ferrule (metal bit that connects bristles to the handle) of the brush as this can affect the adhesive that holds everything in place resulting in the body of bristles to come loose. So keep your brushes pointing downwards whilst under the running water.

Using an alcohol based brush cleaner – As I said earlier in the post if you suffer with breakouts or have acne prone skin, as well as washing your brushes weekly I would clean after each use with 99.9% alcohol.

Keep brushes flat whilst drying – this prevents water running down ino the ferrule. There are devices to hang the brushes upside down however I have found laying flat works fine.



Obviously these brushes are used on all my clients so strict hygiene measures for these is a must! Between each client my brushes are cleaned with a 99.9% alcohol based cleaner to remove colour residue and any germs/bacteria.

After each day in the studio or after each wedding I wash thoroughly each and every brush (and there’s a lot) and lay them out to dry.

Once they are dry I still spray over them with 99.9% alcohol to ensure they are germ free.

I hope this post has been useful and if you have any questions please do get in touch.




For all my brides, I just wanted to answer some of your queries and concerns regarding your wedding booking with myself.

Firstly and foremost I understand that this will be playing on your mind with the number of cases increasing day by day, it is extremely important that we are mindful not only of our own health and safety but that of others.

To some this may be a mild virus for a few days but for others including myself that have underlying health issues especially respiratory problems and low immunity, it is a very real health risk.

I ask that my brides coming in for trials would reschedule their appointment if they have recently travelled (even if they have no symptoms), if anyone has symptoms or been in contact with anyone that has suspected coronavirus.

For my brides who’s wedding day is fast approaching….

My commitment to you remains the same, whilst I am fit and healthy and so are your bridal party, posing no risk to myself, I will be there on your wedding morning to do what I do best, beautify you and your bridal party and ensure you are all calm, relaxed and ready for the ceremony.

If in the event that I become unwell I will notify you as soon as possible and do my upmost to seek out one of my professional colleagues to ensure you are not left without an artist. If I am really unable to do that I will of course reimburse the on the day cost (not the booking fee or trial cost)

I ask that you also make me aware of any people in your bridal party that have recently been abroad or in contact with confirmed cases regardless of symptoms and obviously if anyone is showing symptoms however mild.

As stated in my terms and conditions that at the appointment I have the right to refuse to carry out makeup on anyone that has any symptoms of anything contagious and unless I am made aware before hand.

As a committed professional in the wedding industry, regardless of any pandemic I always aim to keep myself fit, well and germ free so to ensure I am able to attend your wedding morning.

That is why I ask that people always inform me if they are unwell as my role carries the added pressure that I am not going to have to let people down on one of their most important days.

Whilst the government have not as yet put a stop to social gatherings and we are all able to go ahead my terms and conditions that you agreed to on securing the booking remain the same which include that full payment is due by 4 weeks and any cancellations from that time will result in full payment.

Due to the unfortunate situation I will offer to transfer your booking to another date providing I have that date available.

I am lucky that I get to do such a wonderful job and I enjoy every minute of it and whilst is has always been a true passion it IS also my only source of income that I need to provide for my family.

As a wedding industry we are all committed to you and your wedding day and will take all the measures we can to carry out our area of expertise safely and effectively.

I have been intouch with many other professionals photographers, hairdressers and also venues who are alldoing their upmost to remain open and available for your wedding day.

Should any venue feel that they are putting their staff and customers at risk they may have to close, this is where your wedding insurance should cover you (please do read through your wedding insurance policy to see what it covers)

Please try not to panic and to remain as positive as we can in the situation, distance yourself from social media hype and listen to the advice of the nhs and government.

I hope that has made a few things clear and if anyone has any questions at all please do get in touch.

Look after yourselves and your loved ones

Lucie x