Over the years I’ve worked extremley hard to build my business, there’s been up’s and down’s and definite lessons to be learned. The time has now come for changes to be made in order to utilise my time more efficiently and provide a better service for my clients so… THE SECRET IS FINALLY OUT!

When I originally started the business my idea of being mobile made sense for my clients, to stop them from having to travel out and park etc before going to their event, they could have their treatments in the comfort and privacy of their own home, and that worked for many years.

As my business grew and grew and my workload increased (and seen as I haven’t yet found a way to clone myself) my time was precious and I was turning a lot of clients away as I just didn’t have the time, purely from all the travelling I was doing.

So I started to think of my options …Do I cut the number of weddings I take on? Do I rent a space somewhere?….and this is where the idea of the studio was created.

Being a bridal specialist means my work is predominantly bridal, for which I travel to the bride’s venue where she has me exclusivley for that time, I’m not rushing off for other appointments, I’m with her until she walks down the aisle.

However for every wedding I have a trial and this is where it was getting increasingly more difficult to fit in around not only my workload but my clients’ work, their family…. and hubby to be’s getting in the way. So I thought I would create a private studio where my brides could come out of the way…away from kids, pets, phones, the postman…whoever! and just relax and enjoy her makeup trial.

I hope having the studio means I can provide a more relaxing, luxurious environment for my brides and accomodate more client’s wanting to have their makeup done.

Being self employed, wanting a successful business whilst juggling bringing up a family is always tricky…my goals are to get a better work/life balance, not quite mastered it so far so let’s hope the studio will help in that process and watch this space for 2019.

A lot of time has gone into creating the studio and it is almost complete, I’m just working on a few finishing touches and then it will be open for business at the end of July.

These are some of the progress pics so far…







Hope you like the studio and I can’t wait for you all to visit


lucie makeup artist


Wall art by Kate Illustrate





Heavy weekend? A few too many cocktails? Red, puffy, dehydrated face…let’s look at HOW TO TREAT HUNGOVER SKIN.

Everyone likes to go out and let their hair down once in a while (some more than others!) which is all good until you have a few too many and you look like death warmed up the next day.

As well as hammering your liver alcohol plays havoc with your skin, it causes your body to become dehydrated, which gives you a headache, dark sunken eyes and will accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. As a defence mechanism your body will sense the dehydration and start to retain water which causes blood vessels to enlarge, and in regular binge drinking can cause them to break, this excess fluid your body stores can often result in a puffy appearance.

The toxic effect of the alcohol and the sugar it contains can have long term detrimental effects on the skin, long after the head pounding and room spinning has subsided.

So what can you do?

  • Prevention is obviously better than cure, a few glasses of wine with or after a meal isn’t going to do much harm but repeated binge drinking sessions and high sugar drinks will.
  • Try to opt for low sugar drinks such as vodka, lime and soda rather than coke and alcopops.
  • Always drink a pint of water before you go out and when you get home, this will help to keep you hydrated.

Another factor that will harm your skin is quite often people will be wearing a heavier makeup application for a night out and be in such a sorry state that they can’t or don’t remove it before bed, even attempting to remove it when you are drunk and tired often means there is makeup left on the skin all night, clogging the pores.

How to treat it?

Your skin will be in need of some TLC, it may be red, puffy, spotty and definitely dehydrated.

Although it needs a lot of love, your skin, as well as yourself will be feeling quite delicate so avoid anything too harsh and use a light touch when applying creams.


Give your skin a good cleanse – Either all or at least some of your makeup is sure to be lurking so give your skin a gentle but thorough cleanse. Face wipes serve their purpose but may be too harsh and not effective enough for this process. Opt for a nice cleansing balm or oil that will break down the makeup without too much rubbing and friction on the skin. If you have done a good job at removing makeup or don’t wear much to begin with then just a gentle wash off cleanser will leave you feeling refreshed.

Spritz – A nice hydrating, cooling spritz of a facial mist is sure to refresh and revitalize your skin, a favourite of mine is Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic

Put on a mask – If your skin has broken out then try a gentle detox mask otherwise a nice soothing, hydrating mask will give your skin a nice treat. Both the ones pictured from Bobbi Brown are gentle yet effective.

Serums & oils – Anything rich in anti oxidants and high in moisture boosting ingredients your skin is sure to soak up.

Moisturise – Apply a soothing, hydrating moisturiser designed for your skin type to seal in all the other goodies you have applied.

Eyes – Your eyes are likely to be sore, puffy, red and dark so a nice hydrating gel ideally refrigerated so its nice and cooling will help soothe, hydrate and reduce puffiness. Collagen soaked eye pads like these ones from Elemis are a lovely treat whilst your mask is on leave them on for 15 mins and massage in any remaining product.

Massage – Your red, puffy skin and dilated blood vessels will welcome anything cool to soothe the skin. Sometimes ice is applied to soothe and reduce inflammation. I however love these crystal rollers (see pic), the crystal is lovely and cooling and gently rolled over your skin it is so soothing.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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Whether you are planning a wedding, juggling a family and work… or just trying to get through life itself, we all need to try and find WAYS TO HELP RELAX AND DE-STRESS.

I personally really struggle with this and I think the idea of me writing this blog post is to remind myself of the steps I need to CONSTANTLY take.

I am a mum to 4 children (3 of which are teenagers), cook, cleaner, mum’s taxi, run my own business which includes me being not only a makeup artist but a receptionist, accountant, advertiser, web designer and so much more.

The majority of these roles are 24/7 too, which allows very little ‘me time’ and even less time to relax.

I’m in no way after a sympathy vote as I’m sure many of your lives are the same. So here are some strategies to help make things easier…. and not pull all our hair out!



I find when you have a lot to do sometimes this can be overwhelming, you can lose momentum and focus and end up wasting time and energy stressing and worrying about your ever increasing list of ‘things to do’ and not actually getting any of them done.

This is where my favourite thing in the whole wide world comes in…..LISTS! I LOVE LISTS! To do lists, shopping lists… any kind of lists.

I think taking a few minutes to write a list as and when you think of something you need to remember to do, gets it down on paper and out of your head.

You aren’t constantly trying to remember if there was something you were supposed to be doing/getting, its all on your list.

Also as you work through your list and tick off or cross out all your tasks/jobs you can feel a real sense of achievement and also see that the end is in sight.



When time is of the essence being organised really does help you out.

Little things like writing a meal plan for the week and buying those ingredients from shopping means after work every night there is something planned out and ready to prepare without flapping about and wondering ‘what’s for tea?’ or ‘just getting a takeaway’.

Looking ahead to days when you haven’t got time to prepare food at meal times and being orgainsed in the morning to put something in the slow cooker.

I’m using meal times as an example but the same thing applies with everything, housework, business….keep organised and stay on top of things to prevent getting snowed under.



This can often fall to the bottom of the list for many people as we can easily ‘not have time’ ‘or be too tired’. This is not about joining a gym or training for the Olympics, this is finding an active hobby that you enjoy this could be swimming, a fitness class, a dance class, yoga or even just out for a walk. This helps to get your heart rate up and release mood enhancing endorphins, to make you feel better about yourself.

I’ve just started yoga and love it, whether it’s in a class or watching tutorials on youtube or a dvd, taking time out to stretch out your muscles, work on your breathing and just gain a bit of focus is so rewarding.

Don’t underestimate a nice walk outside in either the sunshine or on a crisp winter’s day, this is a great form of exercise, a chance to fill your lungs with fresh air and leave all the jobs and stress behind and gain a bit of clarity.



This is not about a diet or calorie counting this is about eating regular meals and snacks at the right times to fuel your body correctly. It’s also about taking time to sit and eat your food, chewing and digesting it properly to prevent heartburn and indigestion. (See eat your way to better skin)

When we are stressed or lacking in time is easy to grab something sugary and comforting to fill you up and give you a boost, but more often than not this type of food will give you a short burst and then cause your body to plummet, leaving you feeling worse than ever.



Try and establish a night time routine, decide on a time to stop work/tidying and start to wind down. Get into something comfy watch some tv, read a book whatever you find is a best way for you to relax.

Have a hot bath or shower to make you feel refreshed and relaxed before bed, dim the lights and even sprinkle some aromatherapy oil on a tissue to place by your bed or under your pillow, my favourite is Tisserand Sweet Dreams.

Decide on a time to switch off t.v, phone and other electronic devices….just lay down, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and drift off to sleep.

If you are someone that can really struggle with sleep try to see what you need to change about your routine to make you more relaxed at bedtime, try not to drink caffeine too close to bedtime as this can be a stimulant, maybe reduce liquids altogether before bed if toilet trips are something that disturb you. If, like me it’s an overactive brain that can keep you awake, sometimes I find keeping a pen and paper by the bed to jot things down helps me to then stop thinking about them until morning.


You are one person, you are a human being….you are not a super hero with go go gadget arms and legs….we have our limits!

By trying to constantly push our limits or exceed them is only causing undue stress on ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to say “NO”,”sorry I can’t fit that in” or ask someone to help you out with things.

By trying to constantly do everything and keep a float sometimes we are in fact dragging ourselves under.


Surround yourself with like minded people that are going to encourage you.

Whether this be with ‘real’ people or social media. If you are trying to stop spending money or trying to be healthy then logging on to social media and seeing new dresses, shoes etc and big burgers with everything covered in cheese is not really going to inspire you, they are going to tempt you to stay in your old ways.

If you are trying to be healthier and fitter following food prep, healthy eating, easy exercise accounts are going to give you tips and help motivate you.

This works with anything if you need to be more focused on business, engaging with similar people and posts are more likely to keep you on track.


Negativity is not healthy or productive. Try and adopt a positive approach to everything and surround yourself with positive people.

Life can often be difficult, for some more difficult than others, feeling hard done to or waiting for things to go wrong is a downward spiral.

Even through tough times try and find SOMETHING in your day to be greatful for. You may have woken up to bad news or feeling rubbish but hey….you woke up that day.



This will vary from person to person but find something that makes YOU happy and do it regularly. That might be something small and inexpensive, like a bubble bath or coffee/lunch with a friend, that you can find time to do daily or weekly, or something more of a treat that you may need to save for and do monthly or annually such as visit a spa, a designer treat or holiday.

Have you found this useful? Would love to hear any tips you have

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I was invited to London for a Pro masterclass at the new Bobbi Brown studio in Soho, so I decided to travel down in the morning and make a day of it.

day out in london

After a relaxing train ride down to London I got on the underground to my first stop off. I was super excited about visiting this place since the first time I saw it on Instagram and I wasn’t disappointed it is of the course the very cute….the very yummy….the very PINK….Peggy Porschen parlour!

day out in london

The flower arch way had been updated for Autumn to feature very cute pastel pumpkins.

Inside the shop it was bright and light and filled with the most delicious treats to eat in or takeaway.

I decided to try the very popular Raspberry, Lemon and Rose cake and also the Salted Caramel, both were delicious.

day out in london

After that it was time for a spot of shopping, one of my favourite hobbies so off to Old bond St I went. I had my eye on a few designer purchases and decided to take the plunge and purchased my long awaited YSL wallet.

day out in london

Even though I was on cloud 9 from my new purchase sadly I had picked the wrong footwear for my trip to London and with every step I took I wanted to cry. I gritted my teeth and held back the tears until I was away from the high end designers, my feet would have loved a pair of Chanel pumps but my bank balance wouldn’t!!….so I staggered up to Vans and bought the comfiest shoes of my life for the rest of my day in London.

Next it was time for makeup and cosmetics shopping so I popped into MAC, Liberty and Space NK to name a few.

day out in london

A quick tasty tea at EAT and it was time for the masterclass, to read more about that CLICK HERE.

Then sadly it was bye bye London and back home on the train.

day out in london

day out in london

Where are your favourite stop offs in London?

lucie makeup artist

Products I purchased

YSL wallet


Mac mineralise skin finish

Prissy Princess palette

Mac glitter

Extra dimension eyeshadow

By Terry baume de rose

Hourglass ambient light powder



I was extremely honored to be flown to Lake Como, Italy for my first ever destination wedding.

I flew out the day before the wedding from Manchester… after a much needed full english and of course a breakfast mimosa at the airport.

I was greeted by a private transfer and escorted to Il Grifo in Lenno where I was staying.

Once I was unpacked I went for a short walk around the Lake and out for dinner… and obviously had to sample a couple of cocktails!

Prior to my trip everyone I spoke to said how lovely it was and I thought, aren’t most sunny countries lovely?… but all i can say is WOW, Lake Como is absolutely breath taking, the views are just incredible it truly is a beautiful place.

On the morning of the wedding I was taken to the villa where the bridal party were getting ready, I think its safe to say the view from my window at work had never looked so good, I had to pinch myself.

After the bridal prep I decided to catch the ferry over to Bellagio and take in the sights along the way.

Once in Bellagio it was tapas and cocktail time, I was served a platter of delicious meats, melon, bruscetta and freshly made bread with oils and balsamic, all washed down with a very delicious (and very strong) strawberry daquiri.


Back to the accommodation to pack my case and get an early night for the flight home, bye Como hope to visit again soon.

Have you been to Lake Como? Did you have a destination wedding? Or would you like to? Leave your comments below