I often get asked about cleaning makeup brushes and it’s something people often neglect, so I have been wanting to do a post on it for a while.

I thought whilst hygiene measures are being brought to people’s attention at the moment, now would be a good time to discuss the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes.


Whether they are for personal or professional use makeup brushes can harbour lots of germs. Professional brushes (I would like to think) are always kept as clean and germ free as possible between clients.

It’s our own personal makeup brushes that can be the problem so let’s look at why.

How often are you cleaning your makeup brushes?….Honestly! Where do you store your makeup brushes?

Quite often people think “I’m only using them on my own face and that’s clean” and part of that is fair enough, you aren’t going to cross contaminate with anyone.

But due to this line of thought makeup brushes can often be left for months….and months without being cleaned.

Often makeup brushes are shoved in a makeup bag or rolling round a handbag and goodness knows what they are coming into contact with.

There isn’t just makeup on your brushes there’s skin cells, sweat, bacteria and dust all of which can’t be seen, yet you are rubbing round your face daily.

Often if people are suffering with breakouts and skin conditions cleaning your makeup brushes can be a good place to start.

But hey, I’m not judging my professional kit is kept in tip top condition but I’m human and with my own brushes I can be just like the majority of people out there with my infrequent, sporadic brush washing.

Firstly there are 2 ways of cleaning your makeup brushes

  1. Clean your brushes with an alcohol based cleaner.
  2. Wash your brushes with soap and water

I hold my hands well and truly up and say that I only wash my personal brushes. I don’t really suffer with breakouts at all, if I did I would be sure to clean them after every use.

How often do I wash my personal makeup brushes?

I’ve now tried to get into a good habit with my personal brush cleaning. So on a Sunday if I’m not doing a wedding I tend to be in very light makeup if I leave the house or no makeup if I’m staying in. So I find this is the best time to clean my makeup brushes, they then have all day and night to dry and are nice and clean ready to use Monday morning.

What do I use?

Washing up liquid! Shock horror! I find this is the best thing at quickly and effectively breaking down the makeup especially products like foundation and concealer.

How do I wash them?

I use a Real techniques brush cleansing palette. It’s a rubber device that fits over your hand with little bumps on it.

Firstly I squeeze a little bit of washing up liquid onto the palette. Then in turn I wet each brush and rub it into the liquid rubbing over the bumps to help break down the product.


At intervals I clean off the palette and add more washing up liquid until all the brushes have been done.

Some larger foundation brushes may require a second clean, I do find the more frequently you clean them the quicker and easier it is to do as there is not the same amount of build up.


Once they have all been soaped up I use warm running water, whilst I rub them around the clean mitt to get rid of all the soap.

I then carefully squeeze the excess water from the bristles, dry off excess water gently on a towel, reshape the bristles before laying them on the top of my radiator to dry.

How do I store my makeup brushes?

I don’t keep my makeup brushes in my makeup bag or handbag, they are stored in a pot of their own, on my window sill. If you want to be a little more hygiene conscious maybe that pot should be in a cupboard to help protect against dust falling on them.

Things to remember when cleaning your makeup brushes

Clean them thoroughly but be gentle with the bristles – Being rough and scrubbing hard will just distort the bristles, use circular motions and a light touch.

Don’t soak your brushes – Brush manufacturers advise that you don’t allow excess water to collect in the ferrule (metal bit that connects bristles to the handle) of the brush as this can affect the adhesive that holds everything in place resulting in the body of bristles to come loose. So keep your brushes pointing downwards whilst under the running water.

Using an alcohol based brush cleaner – As I said earlier in the post if you suffer with breakouts or have acne prone skin, as well as washing your brushes weekly I would clean after each use with 99.9% alcohol.

Keep brushes flat whilst drying – this prevents water running down ino the ferrule. There are devices to hang the brushes upside down however I have found laying flat works fine.



Obviously these brushes are used on all my clients so strict hygiene measures for these is a must! Between each client my brushes are cleaned with a 99.9% alcohol based cleaner to remove colour residue and any germs/bacteria.

After each day in the studio or after each wedding I wash thoroughly each and every brush (and there’s a lot) and lay them out to dry.

Once they are dry I still spray over them with 99.9% alcohol to ensure they are germ free.

I hope this post has been useful and if you have any questions please do get in touch.




So the latest foundation release from Charlotte Tilbury hit the shops a few months ago now and I have held off posting about it until giving it a thorough testing. Let’s see how the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation fairs up in my foundation test.

I have the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation in both my personal makeup bag and also in my professional kit and love it! It’s more of a light coverage, which is slightly buildable and fantastic for anyone that likes a natural, skin like finish and doesn’t need too much coverage.

For some reason I didn’t take to the Magic foundation, so I was excited to try the New Airbrush Flawless Foundation.

I ordered it online so had a browse through their shade range on the site, which by the way is very extensive, and seemed to cover a wide range of tones by offering cool, neutral and warm in most of the shades.

I usually use a 7 in the light wonder but bronze up so I ordered the 7.5N (neutral) as the description on the website was “Golden beige, full coverage foundation for medium skin with neutral undertones”, I also ordered the shade 5N.

First impressions, the packaging is absolutely beautiful but I didn’t really expect anything less from Charlotte Tilbury, and yaye, it has a pump! so I pumped one pump onto the back of my hand and began applying with my real techniques expert face brush.


Initially I thought “oh no it’s too light” however it seemed to oxidise on the skin a little (react with the air and turn darker) and as I continued it blended with ease and with a little bronzer it was actually a good match shade wise.

Now I have quite a yellow/olive undertone to my skin which is a good job as I found this shade quite yellow toned which then made me wonder how the other tones C (cool) and W (warm) would compare.

I asked my daughter to try the lighter shade as she usually wears shade 4 in Light Wonder however it was far too dark and extremely yellow on her, making her look somewhat jaundice, not a good look!


That aside the texture and coverage of this foundation is phenomenal, a little goes a long way, it has great coverage yet feels super lightweight on the skin.

This foundation could easily be sheered out or built up and I would say it has a satin finish on the skin, which I love.

Through the day it wore beautifully on my skin and almost seemed to get better throughout the day. When I first applied it there was a little creasing where I had applied too much product you really only need the smallest amount and it’s better to add gradually and really buff into the skin especially where expression lines, under eyes and sides of mouth, but I didn’t use any powder as I wanted to see how the foundation lasted on it’s own and I am extremley impressed.

It did go slightly more glowy through the day but again I didn’t apply primer or powder and with having quite a dull, dehydrated skin I actually liked the glow.

This foundation retails for £34 which I would quite happily pay as it is a gorgeous foundation and with the pump delivery system and only needing one pump for the whole face for a good medium/full coverage I can see this product lasting a while.


I definitely would consider stocking Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation in my kit and I have been using it everyday so far on myself as I NEVER thought I would say this but I’m actually preferring this over my holy grail Doublewear foundation on my skin.

However what I would say is before stocking it in my kit for my clients I will definitely be going in store to test out the colours and making sure I am confident in the shades and how much they oxidise first and I would suggest anyone thinking of purchasing this foundation does the same and pops in store.

Have you tried this foundation yet?




After finding my perfect lipstick at the Chanel counter (click here to read that post) I thought I would add a couple more additions to my lip collection along with the extremley Insta-worthy Chanel Healthy Glow Luminous Multi-colour Powder.


Les Beiges – Healthy Glow Luminous Multi-colour Powder – Limited Edition

There’s no doubt about it, this is one of the prettiest, most chic looking products ever to pull out of your handbag for a table-top touch up, this stunning, sleek palette can be seen on many Instagram posts but how well does it stand up to my ever increasing powders, let’s take a look.

The beautiful, chic, nude and black palette is just stunning, complete with it’s very own velvet pouch. Open it up to find a very decent sized mirror and round brush, perfect for on the go top ups.

Underneath is the eye-catching, multi-colour product, stripes of warm golden tones, perfect to enhance any skin tone. I got it in the shade medium.


What Chanel says: ” The exclusive creation HEALTHY GLOW LUMINOUS MULTI-COLOUR enhances the natural radiance of the complexion with a veil of fresh, sunny colour in a single step.
Its cream-to-powder texture melts onto the skin while remaining weightless, for a makeup result as lightweight as it is luminous.
Intuitive and multipurpose, HEALTHY GLOW LUMINOUS MULTI-COLOUR offers endless possibilities, from the subtlest natural look to the most sophisticated. Never has a radiant healthy glow been so spontaneous.
The iconic LES BEIGES case contains a large mirror and a half-moon brush applicator.
Three powder harmonies are available to adapt to all skin tones.
Limited edition.

My thoughts: This is a lovely textured powder with a slight luminosity, without any glitter. I think it does exactly what it “says on the tin” and creates a healthy glow. Even though it has the different shades running through it, it is a one shade product. It would be perfect for someone who didn’t wear much makeup and didn’t want to be too bronzed and contoured, just wanted to add a touch of warmth and look healthier.

Ths product is Limited additon and whilst it is a nice a formulation and super pretty, it doesn’t blow me away for the price.

Price: £42


Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour

As I wrote in my “I have finally found my perfect lipstick” post, I like a hydrating, natural lip colour. My perfect everyday shade is 434 Mademoiselle and I was so happy with both the colour and texture of this lip colour that I decided to try a couple more shades from the range.

What Chanel says: ” ROUGE COCO, the iconic CHANEL lipstick, reinvented. A new formula for more sensoriality and hydration all day long. A new range of shades inspired by the close friends of Mademoiselle Chanel, those who simply called her Coco. The ROUGE COCO clique is composed of 24 shades: Arthur, Adrienne, Roussy, Dimitri and more.

• The combination of three vegetable waxes−mimosa, jojoba and sunflower−hydrates, nourishes the lips and ensures immediate and lasting comfort.
• A silicone wax delivers a new sensory experience. Softer and more melt-away, gliding on more easily for an immediate sensation of fusion with the lips.
• A new polymer film and silicone microbeads encourage lasting hold and boosted shine.

My thoughts: Both these shades would fit nicely into my bridal kit as they are soft in shade and hydrating in texture. I wanted to check the shades on my own lips and see how they compare to others in my kit.

428 Legende – This looked similar to mademoiselle online however when swatched its quite a bit more pink. When I swatched on my hand I wasn’t too sure about the colour for me personally but on my lips it is actually quite pretty, it looks like an iridescent yet soft pink which has a bit of brightness yet is very wearable, due to their hydrating and slightly sheer texture even though it is slightly lighter than my natural lip colour I don’t get that dreaded line inside my lips.

402 Adrienne – Again because of the sheer, hydrating texture this is quite a forgiving light nude on me, usually I don’t really like or suit lipsticks lighter than my natural lip color amd this is probably the lightest I would personally go, however the shade and texture are beautiful, I would probably team this up with a slightly darker lip liner for a bit of definition.

I just love this texture of lipstick it’s shiny and gloss like, whilst being hydrating and without any stickiness, I’m not a huge lipstick fan on myself and get a lot of clients that are the same so I would highly recommend giving them a try if you like a similar finish.

Price: £31.00


Hope you have found this post interesting. Which is your favourite Chanel product?



As soon as I saw the beautiful Benefit Cheekleaders blush, bronze and highlight palette’s I knew I just HAD to have one, but which would I choose…Pink Squad or Bronze Squad?

OMG… how could I choose?…ok, you guessed it….I got both!

Let’s take a look at my new beauties!


Pink Squad – This gorgeous collection contains the fabulous Hoola bronzer, the beautiful Galifornia, Dandelion and Dallas blushers and an amazing palette exlusive highlighter, Tickle.


The shades in the Pink Squad are perfect for a more fair to medium skin tone and anyone that loves a hint of pink. The colours are nice and buildable, which is good as you can determine the intensity.


Bronze Squad – This tan-talizing collection contains 2 bronzers, Hoola and Hoola Caramel for a deeper bronze, the amazing Gold Rush and Coralista blushers and a dreamy palette exlusive highlighter, Cookie.


The shades in the Bronze Squad are great for a fair to medium/dark complexion and anyone that loves a more sunkissed, bronze, more warm look to their skin.

The Benefit Cheekleader palette’s contain £130 worth of product but retail for just £52 each.

There are definitely bits of both of these palette‘s that I love in terms of shades, so I was right to get both!

The highlighter’s in both palette’s are just beautiful however I feel they could have done with being in the opposite boxes. The Bronze Squad highlight shade Cookie is more of a beautiful light irredescent silvery pink whilst in the Pink Squad the highlighter shade Tickle, whilst looking pink in the palette is a very yellow gold finish.

I always have Hoola in my kit and have wanted to get some of the Benefit blushes for some time so the fact they are in one easy palette and for such a great price, means I’m saving both space and money.

Are you more Pink Squad or Bronze Squad? Comment below



Getting your makeup professionally done is a lovely treat, great for any special occasion and perfect for your wedding day but what about every other day let’s look at DOING YOUR OWN MAKEUP.

Stuck in a rut with your makeup?

Unsure which products or colours are best for you?

Struggling with getting your eye makeup to look nice?

The internet is a great source of information and YouTube have some amazing makeup tutorials, however for some people these may not be suitable.

When we watch other people applying their makeup they are applying it in a way that suits their face structure and using products suitable for their skin.

You really need some personal advice and assistance, that’s where makeup lessons come in.

This is something I get enquiries about all the time from clients wanting to learn how to apply their own makeup.


When choosing where to have a lesson I would always opt for a freelance artist rather than a particular stand in a store, this is purely as their advice will tend to be more unbiased as they are not trying to sell you any products.

Watching a tutorial online is good but there is no feedback, no one to guide you on the areas you are going wrong or praise you and build your confidence on the things you are doing right.

People want different things from a lesson so it’s important they are tailored to your needs.

Start with skin – the better the canvas the better the masterpiece, great makeup will always sit better on great skin, so be prepared to discuss your current routine and get new tips if there are changes to be made.

Take your makeup – it’s good for the artist to see what you already use and how you are currently applying it and also what with so they can guide you.

Take notes – you will no doubt get a LOT of new information which may not all sink in at the time so jot down any products and pointers to jog your memory when you at home and trying out your new techniques.

Ask questions – people are at different stages so if you need to go RIGHT back to basics or the artist is using terms you are not familiar with then ask them to clarify. Likewise if you have some understanding already maybe a quick recap is all that’s needed on those areas.

Be prepared for change – you’ve booked this lesson as you need help so accept the change and get out of the rut.

Don’t buy new products just to go – the artist needs to see your current situation and will advise you if there are things you would benefit having in your bag.

Have a go yourself – during the lesson it should be you doing the application, maybe the artist will apply to one side to demonstrate or just talk you through the application process.

Don’t be embarrassed – by either your makeup bag or your ability everyone has to start somewhere.

Practice – like with anything practice makes perfect, the more you are trying out your new skills the better they will be.


To enquire about lessons with myself CLICK HERE

*Please note due to my extremely limited availability I can only offer makeup lesson’s midweek.

What do you struggle with when doing your own makeup? Please comment below