Sometimes with skincare and makeup a lot of people can feel a little “all the gear, no idea”. So following on from my previous blog post – The best time to do your skincare routine, I thought I would go a little more into detail about what a morning skincare routine generally consists of.

I have also included some of the products* I currently use. I love skincare and I am always trying new things so some of these swap and change quite regularly.

*Please note the products I mention I have bought with my own money and whilst I have included links these are purely for your convenience I do NOT receive any commission from your purchases.

The purpose of your morning skincare routine is to treat any skin conditions, protect against sun damage and pollution and if you wear makeup, prepare your skin for makeup application.

Some people are happy with a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. It is a great place to start and if you are under mid 20’s, with soft, clear skin then that might be working just fine for you.

Once we head towards our 30’s and beyond we really need to be adding in some extra steps. Our bodies collagen production, elasticity etc will be on the decrease and that’s a natural ageing process and no cream, diet, magic juice or pill is EVER going to stop that! So it’s not about stopping or reversing the ageing process, as that is impossible, it’s not about trying to look 20 when you are 40 it’s about looking and feeling the best we can for the age that we are.

This isn’t just about anti-ageing though, lot’s of people suffer with skin condition’s such as congestion, dull skin, dry flaky patches, excessive oil production and many more all these can be managed better with adding steps into your skincare routine.

My skin

As you continue to read you will see I have multiple products on the go and swap and change these daily. This is because I am trying to treat a number of concerns.

My skin is approaching 40 so has fine lines, reduced elasticity and collagen, hyper pigmentation and sun damage from not protecting it, using sunbeds and well just liking to be brown. It is also quite dehydrated yet has open pores and is looking more textured.

All this is perfectly normal as we age. So to help target these issues I have introduced active ingredients such as Retinol, Vitamin C, Ferrulic and Alpha Hydroxy acids. These will help reduce the appearance of the hyper pigmentation, soften any fine lines and help with the appearance of the skin texture.

Introducing active ingredients is a must to see results yet they don’t come without issues. Using actives can make your skin extremley sensitive, red, sore and even peel off.

Which is why some days my skin just needs soothing and hydrating whilst it heals.

The products you use in your routine will depend on your age, skin type, skin concerns and budget. Each skin will react differently to products so it’s about finding what’s right for you!

So let’s look at the steps of a typical morning skincare routine.



My evening skincare routine is very thorough. And I’m sure a lot of you are thinking “my skin was clean when I went to bed, how dirty can it be?” However if you wipe over with a damp cotton pad I think you will be suprised how much dirt etc can end up on our faces whilst we have been simply laying in bed. Not to mention drool (come on we all do it a bit!), sweat, bacteria from our hands that touch our face etc.

So in the morning your first step is to cleanse your skin. I tend to use a face wash, I prefer a non foaming one and some tepid to slightly cool water to rinse my face, this helps to clean my skin and also remove any product residue from the night before.

Using a face wash and water in the morning I find also helps to wake you up and the cool water helps to reduce any puffiness.

What I currently use

At the moment I either use Glossier milky jelly cleanser as it’s non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, soap and paraben free and doesn’t sting my eyes. Another one I like to use is Dermalogica skin resurfacing cleanser however I am careful to not use this when I am using a lot of products containing retinol or AHA and I always wear an SPF.



Toner is designed to remove excess cleanser from your skin and help reset the PH level of your skin.

Following my face wash I like to wipe over my skin with one of the following products on a cotton pad. I find the pad acts as a gentle daily exfoliation and seeing if the pad remains white reassures me that my skin is clean.

Sometimes the product I use at this point may contain AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) this is a chemical exfoliation, so no bits to rub round and rinse off.

Exfoliation is a key step in helping the skin look fresher, radiant, as it removing those dead layeers of skin that can look dry and dull.

It also allows products to penetrate better into the skin and helps to keep pores clean.

Gentle exfoliation using cotton pads and flannels I think are good to do daily.

Chemical or manual exfoliation, depending on your skin type and skin condition around 2-3 times a week.

What I currently use

On the cotton pad I tend to use one of three products:

Clarins One step facial cleanser – sometimes if I am in a rush I might skip the face wash and just use this on a cotton pad to remove any dirt and product from the night before.

Clarins toning lotion with camomile – Like the one step cleanser this is refreshing to use after my face wash.

REN Ready steady glow daily aha tonic – If I haven’t used retinol for a few nights and feel my skin needs a boost I will wipe over with this. This is a chemical exfoliant as I do not like to use scrubs on my face. So the Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHA’s will gently breakdown the bonds between dead skin cells leaving your skin brighter and renewed.


Eye products

The skin around the eye area is much thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face. So it isn’t a sales ploy, you do sometimes need a different consistancy of product around the eyes. The eye area is also one of the first areas of the face to show the signs of ageing, so from your 20’s I would get into the habit of using an eye product. Prevention is better than cure.

When applying products even eye creams they should be applied to the occipital bone. If you feel just under your eyebrow and follow that bone all the way around your eye that is where you should be applying your products including eye creams.

Don’t get me wrong some products I will apply all over my face including over my eyelids but if you find your eye’s getting puffy or watery this will be why.

What I currently use

As part of my morning skincare routine I like to add in an eye gel or gel cream type product. I find these lighter in texture and sit better under makeup.

Some of my favourites are:

Chanel Hydra beauty micro gel – This lightweight, hydrating, non-sticky gel is lovely and refreshing in a morning. I had used this for a while now, on and off.

Clarins Eye contour gel – Another nice cooling gel formula that I enjoy using.

Bare minerals Vital power eye gel cream – I got this in a set for christmas and it is absolutely lovely. It is a gel cream formula so has been perfect through the colder months as it feels more cream-like yet is super lightweight around the eyes.

Laniege Quick hydro pen – I got this when I was in Paris and again this is a lightweight gel cream, more on the runnier side than Bare minerals. It’s nice and I will use it up but I wouldn’t repurchase it’s nothing special and I’m not a fan of the clicky pen dispenser.



Serums are designed to give you that extra bit of something whether that’s extra hydration, pore refining, anti ageing there are lots of skin treatments to suit all skin concerns. This is the part where you can introduce an active ingredient be that vitamin C or retinol (at night) for example.

What I currently use

Bare minerals Vital power infusion – This product I have repurchased 4 times I love it. It hasn’t got mind blowing ingredients to give dramatic results but I enjoy using it so much. I love the smell, the consistancy and the feel.

Bobbi brown Treatment lotion – This product is another that I dip in and out of I love Bobbi Brown skincare and it is lovely to apply it’s just a little sticky, the stickiness doesn’t last though once moisturser is on.

Paula’s Choice C15 super booster – This has 15% Vitamin C and is designed to help with pigmentation. I haven’t seen a dramatic result but I don’t use it regularly so maybe that is why.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5 – Everyone needs Hyaluronic acid it attracts water to the skin to help with dehydration, leaving the skin plump. I bought this one as people seemed to rave about it and it’s super affordable. However I tend to use this on no makeup days as it has a tendancy to pill/ball up (rolls off like rubber shavings) so can’t really apply much over it or rub over it, due to this I would’nt repurchase.



Moisturisers are designed to do just that, give moisture and suppleness to the skin. Even if your skin is oily you still need to be using a moisturiser. Something oil free to regulate oil control. If your skin is drier you may need a slightly richer formula. A lot of it is just down to personal preference.

What I currently use

In the day I almost always wear makeup so I want a moisturiser that’s going to sit well under makeup. That’s going to offer hydration throughout the day but that is light weight and is going to absorb into my skin.

A few that I am currently using are:

Dermalogica skin smoothing cream – This is almost coming to an end and I will probably repurchase. It’s non-fragranced, thicker in consistancy yet light on the skin, just one of those old faithfuls you can pull out when you need hydration.

Clarins hydra essential – I purchased this after getting a trial size in a kit. It’s a lovely fresh, light weight day cream.

Laniege Hydrating gel – The product I got in Paris and opted for the gel cream formulation, it’s lovely but through the winter hasn’t been quite nourishing enough, will be lovely in summer.

Bare minerals vital power moisturiser spf 30 – This is another product that was part of a set I received for Christmas and I love that it has the SPF in it. It is a physical SPF so when you apply it it has quite a white cast but it does blend in and I feel through the winter it offers enough protection (as I’m not outside much at all)



From years of being a sun lover and going on sunbeds I am paying the price wth hyper pigmentation and sun damage. If only I could go back in time and slather my younger self in factor 50 (like I was told to) but NO! I wanted to be super bronzed (still do, just now it’s out of a bottle).

I’m trying to reverse all those years of damage with AHA’s and retinol, so I need to protect my skin from any further damage….every single day!

What I currently use

Bare minerals vital power moisturiser spf 30 – See above

La Roche Posay Anthelios xl 50+ – If I was outside or as we go into spring and summer I feel better knowing I have applied a higher factor to my face.


I hope this has been useful, let me know about your skincare routine and which products you currently use.



Skin care can be quite a complex topic for many. Over the next few weeks and months I will give you as much help, advice, tips and recommendations as I can. Before we go into the skincare products and the aspects of a skincare routine, I would firstly like to talk about the best time to do your skincare routine.

Your skincare should ideally be done twice a day, morning and night or a.m and p.m, however you would like to refer to it.


Morning/a.m routine

Why do a morning skincare routine?

Your morning skincare is to refresh your skin and to treat, prepare and protect it for the day ahead/for makeup appliction.

Whatever your skin type, if you are a makeup wearer your morning skin care needs to be light in texture. Even if your skin is dry, choose light layers of hydrating, nourishing products instead of one thick layer of heavy cream. They will absorb better into the skin and provide a better base for makeup.

When is the best time to do your morning skincare routine?

I find the best time to do your morning skincare routine is as soon as you wake up. Applying your skincare first thing allows the products time to fully absorb. You can then have a cup of tea, breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth etc before applying your makeup. This ensures that when you apply your foundation it’s not going to slide around with your moisturiser.

Top tip

If your skin is more combination/oily or you notice your skin getting oily throughout the day I still advise putting moisturiser on and not skipping this step. Once you have allowed time for the products to be absorbed, before you apply your makeup, take a tissue and press gently over the problem areas forehead, nose etc…this will just remove the excess product that hasn’t been absorbed by your skin.


Night/p.m routine

Why do a evening skincare routine?

Your evening skincare is to remove makeup if you wear it. Either way it will cleanse impurities from your day, pollution, dust, dirt, germs from your skin. It is also to further treat your skin. Whether that is nourishing dry or mature skin, rebalancing oily skin or hydrating dehydrated skin. It will also prepare your skin for it’s repair and renewal cycle whilst you sleep.

When is the best time to do your evening skincare routine?

I find the best time to do your evening skincare routine is as soon as you either don’t require any makeup on or when you start your evening wind down. Many people wait until they are literally going up to bed. Only to slather on your lotions and potions allowing most of them to be absorbed into your pillowcase and bedsheets. Do your skincare earlier on to once again allow maximum product penetration into your skin.

Once I have finished my clients and know I’m not going to be leaving the house again I am all about the bra off, hair up, comfies on and makeup off. As much as makeup is my job, I love it and I wouldn’t leave the house without it I try and give my skin as much makeup free time as possible and treat my skin to some products to nourish and renew my skin.

Top tip

There are 2 products I keep on my bedside and put on once I’m in bed. They are lip balm and hand cream. If I apply lip products earlier on I will reapply in bed as I will have had a drink and brushed my teeth. Hand cream I leave until in bed then I don’t have to touch my phone or wash my hands.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Lot’s of skincare posts coming soon, so make sure you visit again.

And if you don’t already do your skincare routines at these times, give it a try and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

P.s Keep an eye out on my Instagram stories for more tips

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I was recently invited to the La Roche Posay skin event at Noho Studio’s in London. Read on to find out about the event and to learn more about acne prone skin.


The event was to introduce their new spot scanner, which is available for you to check out HERE.

There was an in depth panel discussion about adult acne, the causes, triggers and treatments with dermatologist Dr Emma Wedgeworth, Ex model and online influencer Ruth Crilly from A model recommends and IT cosmetics brand ambassador Rose Gallagher.


We also got to discover the amazing Effaclar range and bring home a fabulous goody bag.


What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become blocked.

Tiny glands in the skin called sebaceous glands produce an oily substance called sebum to lubricate your skin and hair and stop it from drying out.

In acne prone skin the glands begin to produce too much sebum and mixed with dead skin cells the hair follicles become blocked causing whiteheads and blackheads.

What triggers acne?

Acne can be hereditary, so if your parent’s suffered with it there is a greater chance that you might too.

One of the well known triggers of acne is hormones. This can trigger acne to form in teenagers as they go through puberty, just before or during a period, during pregnancy and can also be found in those suffering from homone related conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome.

Other triggers can be cosmetics, this is not as common now as many are non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). Some medications such as steroids and medication to help treat depression and epilepsy can also be a trigger.

How do you treat acne?

Treatment for acne can take some time to really get the oil production under control. For mild to moderate acne you can try to treat with over the counter skin treatments. Try not to use anything too drying a lot of the more popular brands (not naming names) often strip the skin, which in turn makes the skin produce more oil.

That is why I really do rate the La Roche Posay Effaclar range, it’s formulated by dermatologists and contains some really great ingredients for helping control the oil production, reduce the appearance of spots and unblock pores whilst still being kind to the skin, keeping it hydrated and not causing any irritation.

If your acne is more severe you may need to visit your GP for a prescription grade cream, oral contraceptive or antibiotic. If you still seem to be suffering asked to be referred to a dermatologist.

Does diet affect acne?

There hasn’t been any conclusive proof that certain foods affect acne overall. However many people notice a link with dairy, especially semi skimmed milk, processed carbohydrates and excess sugar consumption.

Whether you have acne or not it is very important to try and have a healthy diet, so once you have tried over counter skin treatments maybe look at where you could reduce processed foods and excess sugar in your diet first before eliminating dairy. Eating a diet containing lots of wholesome fish, meat, fresh fruit and veg will ensure your body and skin gets the correct nutrients.

My experience with the Effaclar range

So as a teen my skin was lovely and clear, I went on to have my children, I then hit 30+ and boom the spots appeared. I’d never really experienced spots before apart from the odd one or two around the time of the month.

The spots were getting worse and were mainly along my jawline, chin and around my mouth. That is when I discovered La Roche Posay Effaclar range.

I used Effaclar H cleansing cream to cleanse my skin once my makeup was removed at night and again in the morning.

Then I spritzed on Serozinc and followed with Effaclar duo.

Effaclar duo is a gel moisturiser that contains Niacinamide, Lipo Hydroxy Acid and Salicylic Acid and Zinc which help reduce the appearance of spots, unclogs pores and mattifies the skin.

It also contains Procerad to help reduce pigmentation marks and Glycerin to keep the skin hydrated. The minimalist formula contains no parabens, perservatives, soap, colourants or lanolin. It is also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, which means it won’t block pores.

I used this as my mosturiser every morning and night until my skin cleared up. I did also go on a contraceptive to regulate my hormones as I was also suffering with miagraines and the two together cleared up my skin.

My clients that suffer from acne prone skin

This is what really sparked me to attend the event. I have a lot of brides that either suffer with acne and have since their teen years or sometimes with the stress of wedding plans etc a clients skin can flare up.

If you have seen some of my before and after pictures I think you will agree that I do a pretty good job of covering it up for the day. However like anything skin related my passion is to educate others how to treat their skin concerns rather than just cover them with makeup.

When I have a client who has acne prone skin or is suffering with some breakouts I am always super grateful when they let me take a before picture as I know it can help others who also suffer with their skin realise that it can be covered for a special occasion.

Seeing a perfected complexion on an after photo can make someone who is really struggling with their skin think that that person’s skin was clear to start off with and it’s not always the case.

Whilst makeup can disguise the redness, pigmentation marks and scarring obviously it can’t cover lumps and bumps under the skin, however keeping the skin more matte will help the skin look more smooth in general.


Skincare for acne prone skin

This doesn’t need to be a complicated process you just need to choose products that are effective with key oil controlling and spot reducing ingredients, yet gentle on the skin.

Have you tried La Roche Posay? If not then give it a try and let me know how you get on!



So I might be a bit late, ok extremley late to the party with this one and whilst I don’t watch The Apprentice I was well aware of the brand Tropic that emerged from the show and arrived with a bang as a cruelty free, no parabens, all natural, freshly made skincare line.

I didn’t have a great first experience with Tropic skincare when I initially tried it months ago, however, I am giving the range another try.


I ordered my first product online, months ago, having never before used, sampled, held or even smelt one of the products from the Tropic range.

The product that stood out to me was the Fruit Peel Resurfacing Serum

“Created for those with lacklustre, rough and uneven skin texture, this restorative overnight serum resurfaces the top layer of your skin and refines pores to reveal a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion by morning. Achieve the transformative results of a chemical peel using only naturally derived ingredients! brightening … smoothing … anti-ageing”

I mean, come on, who doesn’t want a bit of that?

So my product arrived and I eagerly applied it to my freshly cleansed skin however when it was on my skin I noticed the most strangest smell, it wasn’t instantly unpleasant, it was like an instant sweet smell that then seemed to turn quite unpleasant.

I continued to use it and thought if I could see results I would stick with it but after a couple of days I couldn’t bear to put it on my face due to the smell…and ended up binning it!

Fast forward a few months and a friend was hosting a Tropic Party, so I went along.

As Tropic is a natural, freshly made brand their products don’t contain the added chemicals used to preserve and fragrance the products, so yes whilst on paper they are “better for you” than other leading cosmetic companies, the experience, wasn’t for me quite as enjoyable, more due to the scent of quite a few of the products.

However this is very much a personal preference and these are only my views, I really did want to test the effects of the Tropic range and the party was a great place to quite literally sniff out what products I would choose.

As a makeup wearer especially, cleansing is a vital part in my skincare routine and should be in everyone’s and I am extremley thorough with this step, so I decided to try out the award winning Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier with Bamboo face cloth and the award winning Vitamin Toner Pore-Refining Mist.



What Tropic say: ” Created for all skin types, even the most sensitive, this luxurious cream cleanser effortlessly melts away makeup and impurities while providing a nourishing daily cleanse. The accompanying fluffy Bamboo Cloth helps this award-winning cleanser provide an unbelievably soft, smooth and clear complexion.”

My Thoughts: This cleanser is comparible to the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, which I have used in the past. The consistancy is slightly thinner, which I like and has a lemon scent with the same familiar eucalyptus undertone. It feels like a spa experience and leaves the skin cleansed, nourished and silky soft without any oily or greasy residue.

The bamboo cloth is super soft and more flannel like, the consultant advised that they only need to be rinsed through between uses but mine will be going in the washing machine!

It is gentle, yet effective at removing makeup, I always do at least a double cleanse with all cleansers.

Price: £16



What Tropic say: “Expertly refine pores with this pH-balancing toner for a brighter, smoother complexion. Offering instant hydration with a subtly refreshing scent, this light and breezy mist is a must-have addition to your daily skincare routine.”

My Thoughts: This rose scented facial toner is so refreshing, I tend to use other products after cleansing on cotton pads such as my REN daily aha tonic, so I prefer to use this Vitamin toner by spritzing it all over my face for a refreshing, hydrating, light mist.

Price: £14


So am I enjoying the products I ordered this time around? Yes, I’ve continued to use them and they are a nice addition to my skincare collection. Would I repurchase or look at getting anything else from the range? I’m not too sure…watch this space!

Have you used any products from the Tropic range? What are your thoughts? Comment below



Whilst I was studying at beauty college many (many) years ago I got a job at Debenhams in the cosmetics department, over Christmas. They postioned me right across from the Clarins counter, at that time Clarins had a little beauty room within Debenhams where they would carry out relaxing facials and spa treatments and the Clarin’s girl’s sauntered about in their stunning white and red spa uniforms, it was my dream to wear one of those one day.

Clarin’s was my weakness as I stood across gazing at their counter I was first to spot their GWP, they seemed to be constantly advertising great deals and offering a cosmetic bag or even a beach bag full of goodies when you purchaed a couple of items…if you know me AT ALL I am a sucker for a Gift With Purchase especially if there’s any kind of bag too, I just can’t resist!

Fast forward to completing college and getting my first job inside the spa of a Marriott hotel, which just so happened to be a Clarins salon and I was whisked away to become a Clarins trained therapist and handed my very own white and red spa uniform, my dream had come true!

My beauty career then lead me to various different salons training with various different companies and with NEW companies and NEW realeases all the time, many other things seem to fill my beauty bag.

Anyway last year I was on the hunt for a new foundation, I’ve tried sooooo many and not been wowed and if you read my blog post you will see I purchased the Clarins skin illusion foundation. I got a few shades for my kit and loved it and even a sample of my own shade.

Last week whilst out shopping I decided to purchase the full size foundation in my shade as I’ve been loving it… in true Clarin’s style if I bought another product I could have a goody bag…SOLD, the lid had smashed off my Dior blush, so a new blusher it was and BOOM, the bag was mine!


Inside the bag were trial sizes of Nourishing balm mask, SOS primer, Hydra essential and Multi active nuit

As I started using all my new goodies I fell straight back in love and SOMEHOW I ended up on the Clarin’s website….no idea how that happened!

Which leads on to the delivery I have just received….

I love trying new products whether as free samples or as small travel size, it gives you a good feel for the product ensuring it’s right for you and your skin type before commmiting to the full size.

Clarin’s are an absolute dream for their trial sized products and I think it’s a great move, their products are amazing and once you have tried, you most definitely want to buy.

As soon as I smell Eau Dynaminsante I am whisked back 20 years to my Clarins days and it makes me smile. Whilst I was purchasing my foundation I had a sniff at the other versions and fell in love with the Eau des Jardins, on the website there was an offer meaning for no extra cost you also received a complimentary handbag size fragrance all in a beautiful Clarins tin!


I love to cleanse I think it is such an important step and something I do religiously so into my basket went the cleansing milk and toning lotion which came as a set which came with a free eye makeup remover and…..yep you guessed it another beautiful cosmetics bag!


The next product in my basket was the Water comfort One-step cleanser, this is a product I have tried in the past. It is beautifully fragranced and refreshing and I use it in the morning to wipe over my skin.


So that’s what I actually puchased and even got a few free goodies, but wait for it…. as I had spent £70 I received a FREE bonus pack which contained 6 travel sized products, Instant eye makeup remover, moisture rich body lotion, exfoliating body scrub, Tonic body treatment oil, beauty flash balm and Nourishing balm face mask.


Feeling very excited at this point I headed to the checkout only to be asked to choose not 1, not 2 but 9 free samples!! So I chose Eye contour gel, Super restorative night cream, super restorative eye concentrate, Super restorative day cream, Refreshing hydration mask, blue orchid face treatment oil, Eau Dynamisante (I just had to!), Beauty flash balm and Double Serum.


So if I go off the radar for a while I’ll be in my bathroom, smothering myself head to toe in my new treats!

If you are looking to try new skincare, travel lots or just love a bargain like I do, check out the Clarin’s website *WARNING* self control IS needed!

I will be back to do an updated post on how I get on with the products, any I love, and I don’t love and also if I would go on to purchase the full size/ repurchase.

Are you a Clarin’s fan? What are your fave’s? What would you like to try

*As with all the products I blog about they have all been bought with my own money and I receive no commission or reward for anything you go onto purchase.*