With the colder, drier weather and the central heating cranked up our skin needs extra love during the winter here’s HOW TO HELP YOUR SKIN SURVIVE WINTER.

Keep up your fluid intake

In winter we are more likely to want hot beverages like tea and coffee rather than sipping on water.

Caffeine loaded drinks are more likely to dehydrate your skin so opt for fruit/herbal teas or even better boiled water with some lemon, mint or ginger.

Do try to keep sipping the water whenever possible though.

Keep up the moisture levels

Whether your skin is dry or oily you need to keep it well moisturised. If you or your skin don’t like rich creams layer up with light serums and gels with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or keep a light hydrating face mist in your bag such as Rodial Dragon’s blood hyaluronic tonic, which I love!


Add in hydrating, repairing masks, serums and mists to take your skincare to the next level.

Don’t forget hands and lips

Hands can really feel the effects of winter as they are exposed and more often than not, not protected.

Use hand cream throughout the day if possible, this can sometimes be tricky to remember or not convenient so always make sure its by your bed to apply at night and when out in the cold pop on some snuggly gloves.

Lips can often dry out anytime of year but cold winds and central heating only make them worse, when I brush my teeth I brush over my lips to help remove the loose flaky skin I seem to get at this time of year.

Always keep them hydrated with a nourishing lip balm and also apply that before bed. I’ve just purchased By Terry baume de rose, yes its a luxury product and pretty pricey for a lip balm, but it is amazing!


When skin gets dry it can often feel rough and look dull, so scrub away to reveal new, brighter, more radiant skin, removing the dead skin will also allow creams and oils to penetrate more efficiently into the skin.

If, like me you aren’t a fan of scrubs on your face, opt for an AHA or BHA lotion which gently exfoliates without that scratchy, bitty feeling.

You still need an SPF

I know the temperatures will be dropping and there’s no chance of a tan but that winter sun is still bright and shining so protect your skin, especially your face with an SPF.

Red patches and Rudolph nose

Many of us will end up with some kind of sniffles during winter or maybe your skin is so dry you get rough, red patches, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is an excellent skin saviour.

Don’t forget your body..

Scrub away that dry skin and slather yourself in body lotion before bed and wake up with baby soft skin.

And your hair

With colouring and heat styling I think a lot of us suffer with dry ends on our hair anyway, so treat your hair to a nice weekly deep conditioning treatment and use a light protecting oil to seal in that moisture and prevent further dryness. At the moment I am loving the Joico K-PAK deep penetrating reconstructor and also the restorative styling oil, I have very dry hair yet it is really fine and this oil is hydrating, yet super lightweight. I apply the oil onto damp hair before blow drying and also a small amount on the ends after I have dried and straightened it.


What are your winter skin treats?

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Thought I was being clever with this post title as a play on words but now I have the Meghan Trainor song stuck in my head!


I touched on the importance of skincare briefly in a previous post, however I wanted to discuss this in a little more in depth.

From a makeup artist point a view I am constantly handed pictures of makeup examples where the faces are filtered and photoshopped within an inch of their life, this doesn’t allow people to have realistic expectations of REAL makeup and REAL skin, so when it comes to makeup are we expecting far too much from cosmetic products?

If we look at foundation, for example, some of us want it to be heavy duty enough to cover pigmentation, scarring, spots, freckles etc yet want it to look natural and glowing or not settle in dehydration lines and wrinkles…..and I know this as this is ME!

This is where you need to stop and think – why don’t I try and treat or stop the pigmentation, clear up the spots/congestion, treat my dehydration and keep my skin soft, supple and hydrated, this is the job of skincare, diet and lifestyle….not makeup.

There are many types of skin types, skin conditions and skin concerns so I will try and skim over a few.

Skin types

Normal – No or few imperfections, No sensitivity, Barely visible pores, A radiant complexion.

Dry – Almost invisible pores, Dull, rough complexion, Red patches, Less elasticity, More visible lines

Oily – Enlarged pores, Dull or shiny, thick complexion, Blackheads, congestion and other blemishes

Combination – Dry areas, Shiny areas, Larger pores, congestion

Sensitive – Redness, burning, Itching, Dryness

Sometimes its hard to know our skin type as the products we are currently using might be masking it, for example your cream might be too emollient so your skin appears shiny and oily when really that is purely the wrong moisturiser or you may have dry, tight skin with flaky patches but the toner or other products might be too astringent and are drying out your skin.

With wall to wall creams, lotion, potions, serums, mists, oils how are we to know what’s best?

Finding the correct products can often be trial and error, this is unfortunately quite a costly process.

Things to remember when buying new products:

  • Don’t change 2 or 3 products at a time as its hard to see whats giving you great results or causing you any problems.
  • Try a sample or purchase a trial size, a sample won’t be enough to see any great results but it will be enough to check there’s no reactions. I love buying trial sizes as it gives you enough to know whether you want to purchase the full size.
  • This goes with the previous advice, often larger sizes are much better value but if you are trying a product for the first time and your skin doesn’t like it or its not benefiting you then you are stuck with it.
  • Find what’s right for YOUR skin type and concerns, not what your bestfriend or the latest celebrity is using or has the nicest packaging. (Think we’ve all had one or two of those moments)
  • Give new products a chance. Just because you have started a new product and then woke up with a spot don’t disregard the product and say “it breaks me out” that spot may have been making an appearance anyway. Also any kind of deep cleansing and stimulation can result in spots, as this is all the congestion coming out of your skin.

This might seem like stating the obvious but buying a product and having it on your bathroom shelf won’t make a scrap of difference on your skin. These products need to be used regularly and consistently to have any affect on the skin, a fancy face mask won’t clear up your skin if you are not cleansing thoroughly and are leaving your pores clogged.

Do your research into the active ingredients in your products don’t be misled by elaborate sales pitches and marketing. Many anti aging products apart from being emollient and keeping the skin supple won’t have an amazing effect on the skin, the one main product that has been proven to help prevent signs of aging is Retinol, this product is really effective but it doesn’t come without issues…. think I’ll do a whole Retinol post soon so look out for that!

Lots of other factors affect our skin other than our skincare routine, hormones, health conditions, stress and of course our diet and lifestyle. So don’t be expecting too much from a little pot of cream try and assist your cosmetics by improving the other factors too.

A book that I have recently purchased and ABSOLUTELY LOVING is Liz Earle SKIN it’s a great resource for all things skincare, click here for more information.


What’s your current skincare routine?


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This is my review of the Skinkissed vitamin C serum.


Firstly I would like to point out that I was sent this product to review, however I will ALWAYS give my honest thoughts and opinions on a product.

I have had this product for a while now and like with any review I like to give the product a good try before casting my opinions. This product arrived just as my skin had a hissy fit so it was really a good time to test whether it would help or hinder my skin.

This is a vitamin C serum with Hyaluronic acid and collagen, the 3 things I love in my skincare products. Now that its winter (and I am 37) I like to add products under my moisturiser so I was really excited to try this, I have used similar things in the past so I wanted to see how this one compared.


The serum is packaged in a dark brown glass bottle with a pipette on the top for dispensing the product. The label on the front displays the name, ingredients, directions of use, product features, caution, quantity of product and company details. It contains 20ml of product and retails for £39.95

What it claims

“Skinkissed serum is designed to remove acne and help reduce signs of ageing. It has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst hydrating and leaving your skin with a natural glow”

My first impressions

As I looked at the label of the bottle I noticed it had highlighted any allergens and as it contains marine collagen, in bold letters it said FISH, now it definitely wasn’t a concern for me from an allergy point of you, but like many of you my instant thought was I really don’t want to cover my face in something that smells of fish! So I was quick to remove the lid and have a good sniff….and no fishy smell so we are good to go.

The instructions say to add 3 – 5 drops I must admit I put about 5-10 on, it has a slight smell, it’s not bad but not the most pleasant, it doesn’t linger at all so its not an issue for me.

The texture has a slight stickiness and at first I thought hmm I might not like this but it didn’t stay sticky and once I added my normal moisturiser there was absolutely no sticky feeling remaining.

What it did for my skin

So a bit of background I’ve always had pretty clear skin, as I have got older pigmentation has appeared and obviously fine lines, both due to age and also dehydration.

However as I said earlier, a day or two before this product arrived I don’t know what on earth was going on but I developed about 10 – want to say spots but they never formed a head – big, hard, red, super sore lumps on my face they were around my chin and jaw and on my temples, they were so sore it was uncomfortable lying on my side to sleep.

Nothing in my skincare had changed so when this product arrived I added it in to my routine and thought my skin couldn’t get much worse.

I applied it under my normal moisturiser day and night and was pretty amazed at the results, the next day the lumps were less red and sore and within a few days they were practically gone, I’ve used the product since I got it and my skin has returned to normal. I’ve also noticed a slight reduction in the pigmentation on my cheeks and my skin feels soft and supple.


CLICK HERE for more information or to purchase.

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Glamglow masksThe Glamglow masks have been a real hit with many bloggers, youtubers and celebrities. Known as a facial in a jar these masks are said to achieve great results fast, so why have I not tried them yet?

There are 6 masks in the range depending on your skin type and concern, as I was reading through them all I could identify with each one. I have dehydration, yet I break out, I need anti aging…so which one do I go for?

The masks retail at £42 for 100ml  or a Glam to go size which is £16 for 100g, the smaller size seemed a great way to try it out before investing in the larger sizes….but still I wondered…..which one??

As I was in the Trafford centre I knew the boots there stocked Glamglow so off I went to hopefully shed some light on which product would be best for me.

And there I found the answer to my prayers, the multi-masking treatment set, all 6 masks in trial sizes in a box for £29, I couldn’t believe it!

Glamglow masks

The beauty of this set means you can use different masks as your skin changes or use a few at one in different areas. On the back of the box there are instructions as to which mask to put where for a desired result, however you can really tailor to your own skin.

I have only tried them out once and they are AMAZING, I really need to step up with skincare and add more treatments in so I think this will be my Sunday treat!

I would highly recommend this set to anyone, whatever your age, skin concern this set really does have it covered.

Have you tried any of the Glamglow masks? Which is your favourite?

P.S Look fantastic have this set on offer at the moment click here to buy now



Beautiful bridal make-up starts with a good skincare routine, no foundation will look or last its best without a smooth, hydrated base.

Skin concerns won’t disappear over night, it takes at least 4 weeks for your skin to complete it’s natural renewal process so don’t leave it until the last minute to think about your skincare routine, the sooner you start to correct any skin issues, the better!

Try and establish a good routine and remember not to try any new products or treatments in the 3 weeks before your wedding, the last thing you want on your big day is red, irritated skin.

Skincare healthy eating

Cleanse your face morning and night, making sure you remove all traces of makeup before you go to bed, this will help to avoid your pores becoming congested.

Exfoliate using either a scrub or products that contain AHA’s (exfoliating acids) this will help to remove dead skin cells, which tend to build up and leave your complexion looking dull and lifeless. Exfoliating will remove this dead layer and leave your skin looking fresh and glowing.
Don’t forget your hands, body and feet, treat yourself to a full body exfoliation once or twice a week using a scrub, body brush or exfoliating mitt.

Hydrate your skin from both the inside, by trying to drink more water and also from the outside, by applying moisturiser twice a day. Don’t just stop at your face, your chest and arms are on display and also a lot of focus on your hands so make sure they are kept soft with a weekly scrub to soften the skin and daily hand cream. I often find hand cream and cuticle oil are best applied at night when you aren’t constantly washing your hands or cleaning up.

Lips can often become dry so using a lip scrub or even a gentle brush over with your tooth brush when you brush your teeth will help remove any loose flaky skin, then apply a hydrating lip balm to keep them soft and kissable.

Diet and exercise play a big part in your skin, it doesn’t have to be about counting calories, it’s about cutting down on sugars, processed foods and saturated fats which can cause spots and increasing your vitamin intake with fresh fruit and veg.
I’m not saying you have to join a gym but staying active with even just a brisk walk each day will help keep you fit and active whilst increasing your circulation and releasing endorphin’s to help lift your mood.

If you’re getting married in the summer months or having a destination wedding, no one likes unsightly strap marks and tan lines so think about your clothing whilst in the sun and where possible opt for a strapless top. Also make sure you wear a high SPF you don’t want to risk burning your skin, not only will this age the skin and put you at a higher risk of skin damage, you also don’t want to get married looking like a lobster!

You need to find products that work for you and your skin type/concerns, this can be a costly and time consuming process I suggest getting samples before you buy, I love brands such as Paula’s Choice as they retail tiny travel sizes so you can try the products without spending a fortune. Also I love gift with purchase as in those you often get small trial size products these are a great way to see what suits (or doesn’t suit) your skin.

These are some of my personal favourites, click on the item for more information or to buy

Cleansing Liz Earle cleanse and polish or Oskia perfect cleanser

Toning Elemis apricot toner

Exfoliating Alpha-H Liquid gold or Paula’s choice bha

Eyes Chanel intense smoothing hydrating eye gel or Charlotte Tilbury magic eye rescue

Moisturising Kiehls ultra facial cream, Charlotte Tilbury magic cream, Estee lauder revitilising supreme

Treatments La roche posay hydraphase serum,  Estee lauder advanced night repair, Kiehls midnight recovery

Body Exfoliating mitts,  L’ occitane shea butter body lotion,  Laura mercier creme brulee body souffle

Lips Dior lip sugar scrub, Burts bees

Hands and nails L’occitane one minute hand scrub and shea butter hand cream,  Opi nail oil

Feet L’occitane shea butter foot cream


What are your skincare favourites? Comment below