Whether you have just set your date or your wedding day is fast approaching. Here are some things to consider when planning your wedding morning.


Ceremony time and size of bridal party –

This is the first and most important part of determining the wedding morning. If you are having an early or even a midday ceremony you need to take into consideration the size of your bridal party. Or vice versa if you have 6 best friends, 3 sisters, mum, nan and auntie you need to select a later ceremony time OR arrange more than one artist. You need to allow around an hour per person for makeup and then about an hour at the end for dressing, pictures, speaking to the registrar etc

Having hair and makeup at same location –

More often than not makeup artists and hair stylists will come to your chosen location on the wedding morning, whether that be your house or wedding venue. I have had weddings where everyone had to dart between a hair salon and home for hair and makeup and it just causes unneccessary stress on the morning. So if you are using your usual salon based hairdresser for your wedding morning do check that they will come to you on the day, some may charge an extra fee for travelling and closing the salon.

Allow travel time to the venue if you’re not getting ready there –

If you are getting ready at home or at the venue but then having a church service you need to make sure your artist is aware of what time you will have to be ready for the cars coming. This needs to be double checked with the wedding car company as what may seem like a 10 or 20 minute allowance in our own vehicle could take longer in a wedding car as some have speed restrictions etc.

Photo credit Kerry Woods

Early start so having someone to start on first thing –

When there are a lot of people to get ready or the ceremony time is earlier it means an early start. This is often 6am and can sometimes be earlier, SOMEONE has to be first and needs to be ready for makeup when the artist is set up. Any delays early on will knock the timing off for the whole morning.

Contact lenses in and teeth brushed –

On the wedding morning contact lenses need to be put in before makeup application. This is best done about 10 mins before to give your eyes time to adjust and stop watering. Brushing your teeth is also ideally done before makeup application to prevent disturbing the makeup around your mouth.

Allow 1 hour per person for makeup –

Professional makeup is done with care and attention to detail, layers of light, well blended makeup are applied to ensure a long lasting finish. Once the makeup application is finished all tools that have been used will need to be spot cleaned ready for the next person.

Breakfast options-

Everyone loves a bacon butty but Eau de bacon is not the scent you want to be wafting down the aisle. Be aware of cooking smells that will linger on your hair and even on clothing, so if you fancy a cooked breakfast/sandwich on the morning get an outside caterer to prevent this.

Make sure you eat and drink –

Nerves and excitement can often suppress the appetite on a wedding morning. It is a long day and at some point alcohol will be consumed so do make sure you keep hydrated and graze on some light bites through the morning to keep your energy levels up.

Go easy on the prosecco –

It seems the norm on a wedding morning to crack open the prosecco from as early as 8am but just go easy, you want to look and feel your best for the whole day so pace yourself and make sure you have some water too.

Photo credit Beth Alderson

Have things ready to photograph –

When the photographer arrives they will want access to your dress, your shoes, the rings, your perfume, your jewellery. Have all that ready before hair and makeup starts to prevent any delays.

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I hope this post has been helpful when taking into consideration your wedding morning timings.

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When I posted this makeup look on social media a few ago I was inundated with comments, messages and questions. So I thought I would do a GET THE LOOK MOTHER OF THE BRIDE.


This mother of the bride was used to wearing makeup but wanted to just look a better version of herself. Her stunning dress was light pink so she didn’t want anything too dark but wanted her eyes to stand out and prefered a brighter cheek and lip.



Skin – The client’s skin was prepped with Garnier Micellar water to ensure a clean fresh base then Clinique Moisture Surge was applied to the skin for ultimate hydration.

Foundation & Concealer – Estee Lauder doublewear was used to cover the freckles and even out the client’s skin and Nars Radiant creamy concealer was used to provide a little more coverage and brighten the undereye.


Brows – Anastasia brow powder was used to softly enhance the brows and clear brow gel to keep them in place.

Eyes – Soft Ochre paintpot by MAC was used to create a canvas for the shadows and even out any discolouration. The Urdan decay heat palette was used to create a matte bright and warm soft smoke on the eyes. A coat of mascara and some Eldora lashes were used to enhance the lashes and a thin application of Illamasqua gel liner was applied on top to further define the eyes.


Cheeks – Definition was given to the face using Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow and a pop of colour was added to the cheeks using MAC Fleur Power.

Lips – Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk liner was used to create a natural fuller line to the lips and Coachella Coral lipstick for a beautiful hydrated pop of colour.

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Hope you found this GET THE LOOK MOTHER OF THE BRIDE helpful, if you have any further questions please comment below.



My makeup philosophy is that you should look like “you on a good day look” I believe makeup should be used to enhance the natural beauty and features we have, not mask them. I feel this Get the look Soft Pinks shows that beautifully, if I do say so myself!

This makeup was for a bridesmaid, I like to show that you can still wear a good amount of makeup and it look soft and bridal.


Skin – My client had a lovely clear skin so I made sure it was ready for makeup by wiping over with Garnier Micellar water and applying Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched face base.


Base – Estee Lauder Doublewear was lightly applied to even out the skin tone, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer was used to lighten and conceal under the eye. Bronzer was applied to add warmth and definition to the face and blush for a pop of colour.

Brows – A strong brow is everything to young girls, well most girls today, so I used my trusted Anastasia Beverly hills brow powder and gel to create a slightly fuller, more defined brow.


Eyes – Lids were primed with Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre and the eye area was kept light and soft with delicate pink shadows and soft definition in the crease. Mac Soft and Gentle highlight was used in the corner of the eye to give a more awake look and Eldora lashes were applied for a full fluttery finish.


Lips – My client wanted a fuller lip and I explained how lip shape can be enhanced with just makeup, so I added fullness and created shape with Mac lipliner in Soar and applied Bobbi Brown Pale Pink over the top.

Hope you like this look, if you have any questions feel free to comment below.

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So you’ve always longed to get married abroad…sun, sea and sandy beaches. Your wedding planner is there to guide you through your experience but what about your makeup? Here are some things to consider about DESTINATION WEDDINGS AND YOUR MAKEUP.

destination wedding

There are 3 main options when thinking about your wedding makeup abroad

1 Have a makeup artist in the country you are getting married

This seems like one of the only options and the easiest but there are definitely a few things to think about before you make your final decision.

Will you get to have a trial?

For some they are lucky enough to be able to visit many months before and have a trial however usually it is done just days before the wedding. So what happens should you not like it? Is there availability to find someone new with only days to spare?

Makeup styles

Often different cultures have different styles this goes with makeup too, you need to be seeing examples of work to make sure it’s inline with what you had in mind.

Language barrier

Many countries are amazing at English, we are definitely the lazy ones when it comes to language and whilst they may speak good English are you able to get through exactly what you want and if changes need to be made.


The first time I was asked about flying out to do a destination wedding I thought surely it is a lot more expensive, it turns out there is not a great deal of difference in price in some areas to actually flying out a UK artist than having it done at a local salon.

Building a rapport

When booking your destination wedding you will build a great rapport with your planner but not often speak to your makeup artist until you arrive. Wedding mornings are such a personal time that you want to make sure that you get on with your artist beforehand

Will you have to travel to a salon

Just like in the UK it is far less stressful if the artist will come to your room or villa on the morning especially if there are a few of you, so check whether you have to travel out to a salon on the morning.

2 Fly out your makeup artist

This might sound a bit A-list but more and more brides do this, you will often have to cover flights, a night of accomodation and transfers on top of the makeup prices, but for peace of mind and a stress free amazing wedding it will be worth every penny.

You will need to enquire even further in advance as the artist will often need to book out days either side to allow for delays etc, some artists may charge for days out of salon as they will have a loss of earnings but it is definitely worth enquiring with them, as I said before this can sometimes still work out a similar price than having a makeup artist from the country you are getting married in.

Using a local artist means you can have your trial and as much contact as you need before the big day, you will feel more comfortable and at ease on the day, they will come to you and spend the morning with you helping you get ready and may even stay through the day for touch up’s.

3 Doing your own makeup

If you are worried about all of the above and feel confident about your own makeup application then why not book in with a local bridal makeup specialist for a few makeup lessons to learn and perfect your look. The artist can advise you on which products and tools you will need for the job.

For more information on booking a destination wedding or booking a lesson with myself please click HERE

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Over the years I’ve worked extremley hard to build my business, there’s been up’s and down’s and definite lessons to be learned. The time has now come for changes to be made in order to utilise my time more efficiently and provide a better service for my clients so… THE SECRET IS FINALLY OUT!

When I originally started the business my idea of being mobile made sense for my clients, to stop them from having to travel out and park etc before going to their event, they could have their treatments in the comfort and privacy of their own home, and that worked for many years.

As my business grew and grew and my workload increased (and seen as I haven’t yet found a way to clone myself) my time was precious and I was turning a lot of clients away as I just didn’t have the time, purely from all the travelling I was doing.

So I started to think of my options …Do I cut the number of weddings I take on? Do I rent a space somewhere?….and this is where the idea of the studio was created.

Being a bridal specialist means my work is predominantly bridal, for which I travel to the bride’s venue where she has me exclusivley for that time, I’m not rushing off for other appointments, I’m with her until she walks down the aisle.

However for every wedding I have a trial and this is where it was getting increasingly more difficult to fit in around not only my workload but my clients’ work, their family…. and hubby to be’s getting in the way. So I thought I would create a private studio where my brides could come out of the way…away from kids, pets, phones, the postman…whoever! and just relax and enjoy her makeup trial.

I hope having the studio means I can provide a more relaxing, luxurious environment for my brides and accomodate more client’s wanting to have their makeup done.

Being self employed, wanting a successful business whilst juggling bringing up a family is always tricky…my goals are to get a better work/life balance, not quite mastered it so far so let’s hope the studio will help in that process and watch this space for 2019.

A lot of time has gone into creating the studio and it is almost complete, I’m just working on a few finishing touches and then it will be open for business at the end of July.

These are some of the progress pics so far…







Hope you like the studio and I can’t wait for you all to visit


lucie makeup artist


Wall art by Kate Illustrate