Heavy weekend? A few too many cocktails? Red, puffy, dehydrated face…let’s look at HOW TO TREAT HUNGOVER SKIN.

Everyone likes to go out and let their hair down once in a while (some more than others!) which is all good until you have a few too many and you look like death warmed up the next day.

As well as hammering your liver alcohol plays havoc with your skin, it causes your body to become dehydrated, which gives you a headache, dark sunken eyes and will accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. As a defence mechanism your body will sense the dehydration and start to retain water which causes blood vessels to enlarge, and in regular binge drinking can cause them to break, this excess fluid your body stores can often result in a puffy appearance.

The toxic effect of the alcohol and the sugar it contains can have long term detrimental effects on the skin, long after the head pounding and room spinning has subsided.

So what can you do?

  • Prevention is obviously better than cure, a few glasses of wine with or after a meal isn’t going to do much harm but repeated binge drinking sessions and high sugar drinks will.
  • Try to opt for low sugar drinks such as vodka, lime and soda rather than coke and alcopops.
  • Always drink a pint of water before you go out and when you get home, this will help to keep you hydrated.

Another factor that will harm your skin is quite often people will be wearing a heavier makeup application for a night out and be in such a sorry state that they can’t or don’t remove it before bed, even attempting to remove it when you are drunk and tired often means there is makeup left on the skin all night, clogging the pores.

How to treat it?

Your skin will be in need of some TLC, it may be red, puffy, spotty and definitely dehydrated.

Although it needs a lot of love, your skin, as well as yourself will be feeling quite delicate so avoid anything too harsh and use a light touch when applying creams.


Give your skin a good cleanse – Either all or at least some of your makeup is sure to be lurking so give your skin a gentle but thorough cleanse. Face wipes serve their purpose but may be too harsh and not effective enough for this process. Opt for a nice cleansing balm or oil that will break down the makeup without too much rubbing and friction on the skin. If you have done a good job at removing makeup or don’t wear much to begin with then just a gentle wash off cleanser will leave you feeling refreshed.

Spritz – A nice hydrating, cooling spritz of a facial mist is sure to refresh and revitalize your skin, a favourite of mine is Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic

Put on a mask – If your skin has broken out then try a gentle detox mask otherwise a nice soothing, hydrating mask will give your skin a nice treat. Both the ones pictured from Bobbi Brown are gentle yet effective.

Serums & oils – Anything rich in anti oxidants and high in moisture boosting ingredients your skin is sure to soak up.

Moisturise – Apply a soothing, hydrating moisturiser designed for your skin type to seal in all the other goodies you have applied.

Eyes – Your eyes are likely to be sore, puffy, red and dark so a nice hydrating gel ideally refrigerated so its nice and cooling will help soothe, hydrate and reduce puffiness. Collagen soaked eye pads like these ones from Elemis are a lovely treat whilst your mask is on leave them on for 15 mins and massage in any remaining product.

Massage – Your red, puffy skin and dilated blood vessels will welcome anything cool to soothe the skin. Sometimes ice is applied to soothe and reduce inflammation. I however love these crystal rollers (see pic), the crystal is lovely and cooling and gently rolled over your skin it is so soothing.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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