A lot of my brides have 2 hen parties, a relaxing one for maybe mum and aunties and a wild one for friends (and sometimes wild mums and aunties!).

So of course I HAD to do some research, purely for business purposes, obviously!

I’d never been to a Spa before and to be honest thought, how can you spend all day sitting round and going for a swim?…. quiet easily it would seem.

My mum’s birthday is February and with mothers day in March (and us both being mum’s) I decided to treat us to a Spa day, I chose The Woodland Spa in Burnley.

We had such an AMAZING time and vowed to do it more often, on every possible birthday, Christmas, Mother’s day…..Wednesday!

Our most recent visit was for my birthday in July. It’s such a wonderful treat, with 4 children, a home, a business and the fact that I can’t say NO to people (my kids may disagree) I really struggle to take time out for myself to unwind. My phone goes constantly, at all times of the day and night, with enquiries and social media interest and it can feel like I am on call 24/7, which from a business point of view is amazing but from a physical/mental point of view can be tiring….enough moaning and back to the Spa.

I have experienced both the thermal experience package and also the mini relaxing spa package, both include full use of spa facilities and a 2 course meal and drink. The difference being with the mini relaxing spa package you also get tea and croissants on arrival and 2 x 30 minute treatments, however it is double the price so as a regular treat its a little extravagant, but a lovely luxury for special occasions.

On arrival you check in and are given a locker band, the lockers contain a robe, towel and flip flops. If you require a dry gown or towel at any point throughout your stay they are available at reception.

The changing rooms are very roomy, clean and well equipped with hair dryers, straighteners and large mirrors, the showers are also great.

The spa area consists of a central jacuzzi pool with bubble and waterfall functions this has an in built seating area too to relax, surrounding the jacuzzi pool are lots of loungers, some marble and some with comfy cushions.

There’s also a salt steam, steam room, sauna, sanarium, solarium, shower area, ice area, foot spa’s and a serenity room, this is my personal favourite, a dark room, with loungers, a pool, relaxing music, night sky…….. and no talking, sshhh.

At the back of the spa there are doors and also a pool that leads to outside, once outside there are lots of loungers and 3 jacuzzi’s.

Towards the back of the outside seating area is a bar serving hot drinks, soft drinks, alcohol, smoothies and the most amazing cocktails, there’s seating in the bar area and also a room to the side with a firepit to keep you warm and relaxed.

A prnstar martini and a kale smoothie, bet you can guess which one belonged to the birthday girl!

When you book you can select a time for lunch and this is served upstairs in the restaurant, no need to get dressed there are lots of people with wet hair and white robes, so you wont feel out of place.

Included in the packages are a 2 course meal and either a soft drink or glass of wine. The menu and food are great, on my first visit I expected it to be a small salad and not a lot else, don’t get me wrong I love a salad…. however the food is amazing and there are dishes for all appetites. I have visited a few times now and I am slowly working my way through the menu and everything so far has been delicious.

On the two occasions I have had treatments they have been so relaxing and I was left feeling pampered and totally chilled. I had the 30 minute facial and 30 minute scalp massage. The facial and scalp massage are both using the Decleor technique which focuses more on pressure point and lymphatic drainage during the massage part, I do wish there was a little more effleurage (rubbing and smoothing movements) as I would definitely have nodded off then. My mum likes to find out the therapists life story where as I like total calm and silence during mine and all the therapists are led by yourself and your mood, which is fantastic.

Following the treatment you are led to a relaxation room which is really dimly lit with loungers, blankets and soft music to carry on relaxing and bring you back to planet earth, you are given plenty of water to drink to help with the detoxification process and rehydrate you.

Luxury en suite bedrooms and suites are also available for overnight stays and relaxing or romantic breaks.

For more details check out their website


or to book call

01282 471913

Have you visited a Spa before? Or would you like to?

Spa pictures from official website

Food, drink and relaxation pictures by me


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