I am always on the hunt for new makeup for both myself and my kit, especially foundations. I do tend to find it tricky to find something that ticks all my boxes, I have tried so many and never really feeling that they do what I want them to do. So I decided to give the new Clarins skin illusion foundation a try, let me share my thoughts with you.

I’ve never tried a Clarins foundation before and hadn’t heard about this foundation prior to catching a glimpse of it as I was passing the Clarins counter in Boots so I decided to stop and take a look. Clarins described this as a natural hydrating foundation and with winter on it’s way I was definitely intrigued.




This foundation comes in a range of 22 shades, I purchased 110 Honey and 116.5 Coffee and got samples of 112.3 Sandalwood and 114 Cappucino. My summer glow is fading fast *sobs* and whilst I was in store I was more Sandalwood however I’m more of a match to Honey now.

The shades I chose are fab, they are really adaptable to a range of skin colourings and the darker shades I chose have more of a yellow hue, as many of my clients wear self tan and I feel these tones match much better.


When I saw the dropper dispenser and dripped some onto the back of my hand I was thinking “this is going to be far too sheer” however as I started to blend it I was pleasantly surprised. The consistancy, whilst feeling light had such great pigment meaning that you didn’t need much product to even out  your skin, allowing your skin to still look like skin.

This foundation is still very buildable, on first application it is quite dewy but dries to a lovely satin finish which is perfect for a drier skin, meaning if need be you can add a little powder to the areas you need to, if at all.


This foundation makes no claims to be long wearing as it is designed to provide long lasting hydration, that being said I am very happy with the longevity of this foundation.

Obviously if you have an oily skin this is not the foundation for you anyway but I would say this would still suit a combination skin with a little powder through the T-zone.

I’ll also add that I have been using this on myself withoit a primer to see how the foundation holds out on it’s own and as I said I am happy how it wears through the day.


The Clarins skin illusion foundation comes in a sleek rounded glass bottle with a white and gold lid, which is a dropper to dispense the foundation.

I’m not sure whether I would prefer a pump and lid but the dropper is still quite handy for not wasting product.



I was really suprised how much I liked this foundation, my doublewear has even been cast aside for daily use.

When I first applied it there was a slight scent which reminded me of Chanel Vitalumiere and sometimes my eyes are not great with scents but so far this hasn’t affected them, which is great.

As I know it has great skin benefits it feels like a skincare product when I apply it, as well as a foundation.

This would definitely suit a drier skin type and perfect for a more mature skin, it has the feel and moisturising qualities of a tinted moisturiser yet the coverage of a foundation.

I have tried many foundations and whilst they sit in my personal makeup kit they don’t often make it into my professional kit…. and this one has!

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