Getting your makeup professionally done is a lovely treat, great for any special occasion and perfect for your wedding day but what about every other day let’s look at DOING YOUR OWN MAKEUP.

Stuck in a rut with your makeup?

Unsure which products or colours are best for you?

Struggling with getting your eye makeup to look nice?

The internet is a great source of information and YouTube have some amazing makeup tutorials, however for some people these may not be suitable.

When we watch other people applying their makeup they are applying it in a way that suits their face structure and using products suitable for their skin.

You really need some personal advice and assistance, that’s where makeup lessons come in.

This is something I get enquiries about all the time from clients wanting to learn how to apply their own makeup.


When choosing where to have a lesson I would always opt for a freelance artist rather than a particular stand in a store, this is purely as their advice will tend to be more unbiased as they are not trying to sell you any products.

Watching a tutorial online is good but there is no feedback, no one to guide you on the areas you are going wrong or praise you and build your confidence on the things you are doing right.

People want different things from a lesson so it’s important they are tailored to your needs.

Start with skin – the better the canvas the better the masterpiece, great makeup will always sit better on great skin, so be prepared to discuss your current routine and get new tips if there are changes to be made.

Take your makeup – it’s good for the artist to see what you already use and how you are currently applying it and also what with so they can guide you.

Take notes – you will no doubt get a LOT of new information which may not all sink in at the time so jot down any products and pointers to jog your memory when you at home and trying out your new techniques.

Ask questions – people are at different stages so if you need to go RIGHT back to basics or the artist is using terms you are not familiar with then ask them to clarify. Likewise if you have some understanding already maybe a quick recap is all that’s needed on those areas.

Be prepared for change – you’ve booked this lesson as you need help so accept the change and get out of the rut.

Don’t buy new products just to go – the artist needs to see your current situation and will advise you if there are things you would benefit having in your bag.

Have a go yourself – during the lesson it should be you doing the application, maybe the artist will apply to one side to demonstrate or just talk you through the application process.

Don’t be embarrassed – by either your makeup bag or your ability everyone has to start somewhere.

Practice – like with anything practice makes perfect, the more you are trying out your new skills the better they will be.


To enquire about lessons with myself CLICK HERE

*Please note due to my extremely limited availability I can only offer makeup lesson’s midweek.

What do you struggle with when doing your own makeup? Please comment below


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