When we apply our makeup we often get stuck in a rut, as we get older our application and formulations often need to be adapted, this is not necessarily at any particular age/number, at any age makeup can add 10 years or take 10 years off, so let’s look at HOW TO AVOID MAKEUP AGEING YOU.

Wearing too much makeup can often age you, thick foundations, heavy powders and shimmery eyeshadows can all add years on, instead of taking them off.

Wearing too little makeup can also age you, as we get older we can develop tell-tale signs such as broken capillaries and age spots, these don’t just appear with age, too much sun exposure can produce dark spots on the skin and poor skin protection or too much alcohol can also cause broken capillaries, however with these on show we can make our skins appear older.



The start of every complexion is skincare, if the canvas is in the best condition it can be, then the makeup will sit nicely on top.

Identifying your skin type is important to be able to treat your skin with the right products.

Quite often skin will appear drier as we get older so a nice hydrating moisturiser is a must, we will also benefit from adding in extra serums underneath to help boost anti-aging properties and lock in moisture.

The thing we do lose in our skin is often luminosity, a young person’s skin has that natural glow of youth. We then need to replace that with hydration and light reflecting products and can also mimic that with makeup.

To make our skin look less dull and more radiant, exfoliation is key. This need to be a regular, yet gentle process as skin often appears thinner and more fragile, so no harsh grainy scrubs, instead opt for more gentle yet effective A.H.A’s to restore brighter, fresher skin.

Eyes and lips are where more lines will develop with expression and age so a hydrating eye product and lip balm will keep this area looking hydrated and supple.

The neck and hands are also tell-tale areas of age so make sure all your skincare doesn’t stop at your jawline and you continue it down onto the neck and chest. A hand cream by the sink and or by the bed will hopefully prompt you to keep those hands moisturised.

Protect from further damage by wearing an SPF on your face each day, not just on the beach.



As with any age people prefer different products, finishes and consistencies so it is about finding something that works for you. Here are some general tips to try:


Whether you prefer a tinted moisturiser or a foundation use a small amount just to even out the complexion, then go in with with more foundation or a concealer to pin point the areas that need more coverage, rather than applying one thick layer over the entire face.


As we age gravity sets in and everything starts to lose elasticity and firmness so cheek and eye products are best applied a little higher to counteract this appearance.

Apply blusher on the apples and higher up on the cheek for a youthful glow, often eye lids can start to droop and mask any eyeshadow you have put on so apply your eyeshadow a little higher then it’s not lost.


You have to be careful with shimmery, glittery products as you get older as the appearance of them can often highlight lines and crepey eyelids, opt for a soft matte or cream shade then apply a little highlight around the tear duct you make you look more awake. Charlotte Tilbury wonderglow is fantastic for adding radiance to the skin.


One thing that does often diminish with age are eyebrows and eyelashes. Brows are important to add shape and structure to the face so a light soft shadow through the brows will help frame the eyes. Make sure the product is more on the taupe side and less red as this is more flattering.

To give definition to the eyes that lashes give, you can fake a little by using eyeliner, again nothing harsh in colour and no harsh lines, powders give a much softer finish and make your eyes pop.


Powder can often accentuate lines and make skin seem dull, so choose one with a little radiance in and only use where you need to.

Cream textures can look more flattering on the skin, I don’t find them as long lasting on the skin but if that’s not a concern for you then opt for cream bronzers, blushers and highlighters. I like Chanel soleil de tan as a cream bronzer to add colour and warmth to the skin. Sometimes too many creamy textures can move into fine lines so keep product to a minimum and add where neded.


When choosing a foundation shade it is always more flattering to go one shade warmer and blend down into the neck rather than making the face appear paler.

Blush and lip colour are best a touch brighter as you age, to appear more youthful and add some colour to the face, if this is out of your comfort zone opt for neutral tones.

The lips often thin as we age so avoid dark, matte colours on the lips and opt for a cream finish to make the lips appear plumper.

I hope you enjoyed reading ths post, if you have and questions or comments feel free to comment below

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  1. Michelle Horan
    July 18, 2018 / 5:40 pm

    Great post! Out of interest, what foundation do you use on mature skin? Thanks x

    • admin
      April 4, 2019 / 10:12 am

      Hi, Thanks for your question. It depends on the skin type and amount of coverage they require, some I still use doublewear however I also like Charlotte Tilbury light wonder and the Clarins one I posted about. HTH Lx

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