Lipstick for myself is something I often struggle with so I can’t tell you how happy I am that I have finally found my perfect lipstick, getting the shade, coverage, tones and consistency right is often difficult.

My daytime look is very natural and my evening look is all about the eyes, I don’t feel comfortable with too much colour on my lips, so for me it’s about looking like my lips on a good day.

Years ago I would only wear a gloss but then after not wearing gloss for a while and trying to go back to it I actually don’t like it, it feels sticky, my hair gets stuck to it and it just doesn’t last.

My lips however are quite dry and I don’t like the feeling of a matte lipstick on my lips at all. So I have always opted for more moisturizing textures and do actually like the YSL volupte shine and have tried a few shades.

My lips naturally have quite a bit of colour so I find if I opt for nudes I end up with that annoying line in your inner lip which is a bit “concealer lips”.

So the hunt was on, but if I’m honest I’d kind of given up and was just wearing cheap and cheerful tinted carmex but being the packaging snob that I am, I wanted something a little nicer to reapply in public.

I know, I know I don’t want much do I?

Anyway one day as I was at the Chanel stand repurchasing my eye gel there was a little wait so I started looking at the lip colours and one seemed a “me” colour so I thought I would give it a try, little did I know how perfect is was going to be for me.


So please welcome the Rouge Coco Ultra hydrating lip colour in the shade 434 Mademoiselle, this retails for £28 and for some that might be far too much to pay for a lipstick but if I think of the amount I have spent trying to find the right one, I think its a bargain.



I’m a sucker for a brand name but the product does have to deliver and it does. It is the perfect shade for my lips not too brown, not too pink, with a slight mauve tone, just like my natural lips. It covers any unevenness in my lips but still offers a comfortable hydrating sheen with no stickiness. It’s not really long lasting but that’s not really on my list of needs as its so close to my lip colour I don’t really notice the fade off and if need be I just reapply.

What’s your favourite lipstick?

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