As if I needed to buy anymore makeup, but when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury I just can’t resist. I have been building up my collection slowly but surely (See my last post here) but this week I had a big blow out and ordered twice in a week, so here’s what I got in my latest Charlotte Tilbury haul.

The purpose of my first order was to get a brown eyeliner for a bride that had specified brown over black, you can’t just order an eyeliner so before I knew it I was click happy and my basket was filling up by the second!


First things first, what I actually came for, a Rock ‘n’ Kohl eye liner in Barberella brown….and one in Bedroom black to keep it company. I didn’t realise just how much I would love this brown eyeliner, it’s really dark just a hint softer than black, I smoke it out with a pencil brush, it blends out nicely yet it isn’t too creamy that it’s going to melt down your face.

My Wonderglow was getting low so this was straight in the basket, this is my 4th repurchase of Wonderglow, a beautiful instant soft focus primer which provides a great base for makeup.

I had seen the new Hollywood Flawless Filter popping up all over social media and although I was unsure what the product was, I was still intrigued and 2 ended up in the basket. If I’m totally honest I’m still unsure on what this product is designed for it has a soft glow but has coverage, too glowy to use all over as a foundation yet more that just a highlighter. That being said I do really like it and have been applying a light cover of my doublewear and then adding the Flawless Filter for a slight extra coverage and glow on areas such as cheeks and nose.

Whilst we are on the glow topic I also purchased the Beauty light wand, a beautiful creamy highlighter that melts beautifully into the skin.

Lipgloss doesn’t tend to feature much in my kit as I find that the glossy texture is a magnet for loose curls and veils if there is a breeze. However I have started to get asked for it so I thought I would try a couple of the Charlotte Tilbury glosses. I ordered Portobello girl and Sweet Stiletto, these glosses apply beautifully and have a nice, thick-ish consistency that you can tell is going to last a while, with no stickiness.

Last but not least I ordered another Flawless finish face powder, I already own Medium however on a fair skin or under the eyes it has a little too much colour so I opted for Fair.

That was order number one, of course it came beautifully packaged and filled with an array of samples to try, as if I need any encouragement!

So the whole purpose of the first order was the brown eyeliner for my bride, which I fell in love with and had to keep for myself, which meant the reason for order number 2 was still the brown eyeliner for my bride!


I had seen on Instagram the beautiful Bigger brighter eyes paletttes and knew one had to be mine, I chose the shade Exaggereyes, a beautiful 4 shadow palette in soft neutral tones, perfect for a more subtle bridal look.

Ok, not sure whether I was having a senior moment or whether it’s just automatic as I can’t be without it but another Wonderglow ended up in the order.

Another product I can’t live without is the amazing Magic cream, a thick moisturiser packed full of skincare goodness which provides a great base for makeup.

During my first order I had wanted to order Eyes to Mesmerize in the shade Jean however it was out of stock, this time I was in luck! A beautiful champagne shimmery cream shadow, perfect for inner eye highlight.

I own quite a few Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and I tend to buy the neutral to pinky shades but with quite a bit of colour as those are the shades I wear myself however I get asked for some quite pale nudes so decided to order Kim KW and Liv it up to add to my collection.

So lots of new toys to play with and yet more samples, which are my little treats.

What is your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product?

lucie makeup artist