When I go away I tend to relax a little more with makeup, I rarely see people I am ever going to see again or who know what I look like made up… but I personally never feel I can really go without makeup so here are some SUMMER HOLIDAY MAKEUP ESSENTIALS.


As always you need to start with good skincare, keep your skin hydrated, this is important everyday but on holiday there will be sun, sea air and probably lots of sangria along with air conditioning, all of which will suck the moisture from your skin, so a nice hydrating moisturiser, serum and even a hydrating face mist to help cool and refresh will do the job nicely, as well as drinking lots of water.

SPF is so important all year round and even more so on holiday, it won’t stop you from tanning it will help protect your skin from burning and being damaged by the sun. Sun protection needs to be reapplied regularly thoughout the day to maintain a good level of protection for more information click HERE.

Dont forget your lips, choose a lip balm with an SPF in that you can reapply through the day, my favourite is Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream nourishing lip balm SPF20.

Ok on to makeup, I personally still like to wear a foundation, the sun tans me but also brings out my freckles (not cute ones) and pigmentation so I need more coverage however I tan EXTREMLEY well so my foundation shade can alter dramatically, I can go on holiday a doublewear shade 2N1 and a few days in I’ll be 4N2 and by the end of the holiday I’m adding in some 5 or even 6.

So if, like me, you also colour easily maybe take two foundations one light one very dark and mix them accordingly.

For those lucky enough to not have to wear foundation I love the Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow which will give you a hint of colour and a sheer coverage or even just a good sweep of Chanel bronze universel, a beautiful cream bronzer.

As well as foundation other things such as bronzer and blusher may need to change as your fair shades won’t show up as well on your gorgeous golden skin.

You won’t need or want to pile on makeup in the warmer climate so keep it simple with a light foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturiser (with an SPF), a coat of mascara (waterproof to prevent it melting off), a little bronzer, a pop of cheek colour and a nice hydrating lipstick, my favourite is the Rouge Volupte shine range by YSL.

What are your holiday favourites?

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