Whilst I was studying at beauty college many (many) years ago I got a job at Debenhams in the cosmetics department, over Christmas. They postioned me right across from the Clarins counter, at that time Clarins had a little beauty room within Debenhams where they would carry out relaxing facials and spa treatments and the Clarin’s girl’s sauntered about in their stunning white and red spa uniforms, it was my dream to wear one of those one day.

Clarin’s was my weakness as I stood across gazing at their counter I was first to spot their GWP, they seemed to be constantly advertising great deals and offering a cosmetic bag or even a beach bag full of goodies when you purchaed a couple of items…if you know me AT ALL I am a sucker for a Gift With Purchase especially if there’s any kind of bag too, I just can’t resist!

Fast forward to completing college and getting my first job inside the spa of a Marriott hotel, which just so happened to be a Clarins salon and I was whisked away to become a Clarins trained therapist and handed my very own white and red spa uniform, my dream had come true!

My beauty career then lead me to various different salons training with various different companies and with NEW companies and NEW realeases all the time, many other things seem to fill my beauty bag.

Anyway last year I was on the hunt for a new foundation, I’ve tried sooooo many and not been wowed and if you read my blog post you will see I purchased the Clarins skin illusion foundation. I got a few shades for my kit and loved it and even a sample of my own shade.

Last week whilst out shopping I decided to purchase the full size foundation in my shade as I’ve been loving it… in true Clarin’s style if I bought another product I could have a goody bag…SOLD, the lid had smashed off my Dior blush, so a new blusher it was and BOOM, the bag was mine!


Inside the bag were trial sizes of Nourishing balm mask, SOS primer, Hydra essential and Multi active nuit

As I started using all my new goodies I fell straight back in love and SOMEHOW I ended up on the Clarin’s website….no idea how that happened!

Which leads on to the delivery I have just received….

I love trying new products whether as free samples or as small travel size, it gives you a good feel for the product ensuring it’s right for you and your skin type before commmiting to the full size.

Clarin’s are an absolute dream for their trial sized products and I think it’s a great move, their products are amazing and once you have tried, you most definitely want to buy.

As soon as I smell Eau Dynaminsante I am whisked back 20 years to my Clarins days and it makes me smile. Whilst I was purchasing my foundation I had a sniff at the other versions and fell in love with the Eau des Jardins, on the website there was an offer meaning for no extra cost you also received a complimentary handbag size fragrance all in a beautiful Clarins tin!


I love to cleanse I think it is such an important step and something I do religiously so into my basket went the cleansing milk and toning lotion which came as a set which came with a free eye makeup remover and…..yep you guessed it another beautiful cosmetics bag!


The next product in my basket was the Water comfort One-step cleanser, this is a product I have tried in the past. It is beautifully fragranced and refreshing and I use it in the morning to wipe over my skin.


So that’s what I actually puchased and even got a few free goodies, but wait for it…. as I had spent £70 I received a FREE bonus pack which contained 6 travel sized products, Instant eye makeup remover, moisture rich body lotion, exfoliating body scrub, Tonic body treatment oil, beauty flash balm and Nourishing balm face mask.


Feeling very excited at this point I headed to the checkout only to be asked to choose not 1, not 2 but 9 free samples!! So I chose Eye contour gel, Super restorative night cream, super restorative eye concentrate, Super restorative day cream, Refreshing hydration mask, blue orchid face treatment oil, Eau Dynamisante (I just had to!), Beauty flash balm and Double Serum.


So if I go off the radar for a while I’ll be in my bathroom, smothering myself head to toe in my new treats!

If you are looking to try new skincare, travel lots or just love a bargain like I do, check out the Clarin’s website *WARNING* self control IS needed!

I will be back to do an updated post on how I get on with the products, any I love, and I don’t love and also if I would go on to purchase the full size/ repurchase.

Are you a Clarin’s fan? What are your fave’s? What would you like to try

*As with all the products I blog about they have all been bought with my own money and I receive no commission or reward for anything you go onto purchase.*


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