All this cold weather and central heating can really play havoc with our skin and leave it feeling quite dry and dehydrated. Sometimes our everyday skincare is just not enough, lets look at some Hydration helpers that we can add into our skincare routine.


Dry and dehydrated skin is quite different, they can both look ‘dry’, dull and appear more lined, however dry skin is a skin type where as dehydration is a skin condition caused by external factors. The difference between how we treat dry and dehydrated skin is that – dry skin lacks oil and dehydrated skin lacks water.

So your skin could be Normal or even Combination, yet due to external factors and lifestyle could still appear quite parched.

This is the case for my skin, I have combination skin, I have some open pores and can get an oily T-zone, however my skin is definitely showing signs of dehydration.

When it comes to treating my dehydrated skin I can’t use rich, thick creams as they are too heavy for my oilier areas and it can cause me to break out, my skin is mainly lacking water.

So as well as obviously trying to drink plenty of water, eating water rich foods and also trying to keep caffiene and fizzy drinks to a minimum I find that my skin needs an extra boost and by adding these items into my skincare routine, as well as a moisturiser, not instead of, helps my skin to look more hydrated and less parched.


Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion – This product I came across when I was in London with Bobbi Brown and loved the sound of it, when I first tried it I was slightly unsure, it looks like a water however it doesn’t ‘drip’ out of the bottle you need to shake the bottle to dispense it and I was worried it was going to feel sticky on my skin, as a lot of other products from other companies have. However this has turned into a must have in my skincare routine, I use it every morning and night after cleansing and before my other serums and moisturisers. It smells like a heavenly spa treatment and I love applying it to my skin, it is lightweight, not sticky and absorbs beautifully into the skin.

Avene Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum – Another favourite of mine, this product is slightly more lotion like out of the 3 as it’s white in colour and opaque. It seems a simple product yet extremly effective, it is lightly fragranced and sinks beautifully into the skin.

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum – I just love this product and I am actually on my 4th bottle, I’ve tried many other products that claim to do the same thing and found them really sticky and just not enjoyable to use. It’s unscented and just a dream to apply, very soothing and cooling, I do really feel like this is a drink for my skin.

All of the above are lightweight oil free boosters that will help to hydrate and smooth any parched skin.

Another couple of items I love when my skin is feeling more on the dry side or if I have used a lot of ‘active’ products on my skin and it just needs some soothing, hydration and just general TLC are:


Kiehls Ultra Face Cream – This fragrance free, no frills yet effective moisturiser is a perfect base under makeup. It seems rich yet feels lightweight and leaves skin feeling nourished.

Bobbi Brown Extra Face oil – A new addition to my skincare collection, this beautiful lightweight oil seems to nourish yet rebalance the skin. I apply a tiny amount of this when my skin needs it, as part of my evening or Sunday pamper rountine. Just like the treatment lotion it’s delicate spa like scent makes applying this an absolute dream, I like to inhale the essential oil fragrance from my hands as I apply it to make me feel relaxed before bed.

I hope this post has been helpful, if you have any hydrating favourites I would love to hear about them, let me know in the comments below


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