With my busy work schedule and summer far from sight, there is not much chance of me seeing sunshine anytime soon. Like a lot of people I prefer myself with a bit of colour, so it was time to fake it…let’s take a look at a new product I came across whilst shopping, here’s my Isle of paradise tanning water review.

I do like having some colour, however I’m not a fan of self tanning, the whole process is too faffy for me, so I need something that’s straight forward.

I had heard great things about the Isle of Paradise Tanning water so I thought I’d give it a try, as with everything I write about on here I like to give it a good try before telling you about it, unless it’s my first impressions.


This product comes in 3 shades Light, Medium and Dark.

I opted for Dark as my skin tone is quite olive based and I do like a bronzed look, I was quite nervous about there being no guide colour but hey you have to try these things out.

So I’ve tried out this product a few times now, the first time I just wanted a bit of colour to my upper body, I like wearing a warmer foundation and the whole brown face, white chest and arms is never going to be a look so I spritzed a bit all over my upper body, rubbed it in a forgot about it. The next day I was a lovely natural, shade darker than my natural skin tone. It was winter and this was perfect for me I didn’t want to be “tanned” I was just trying to remove the white glow and blend in with my foundation.

So I was over the moon with my results, I had worried before application that without a guide colour I wouldn’t be able to see where I had applied it and so may have an uneven result. However my tan looked lovely and so natural.


Now I think because of how well my first application went I got a bit cocky, so on my 2nd time using the product, I was going out and wanted a deeper tan. I seemed to just spritz it on and rub in like the first time but I must have done a bit more spritzing and a little less rubbing and the next day the colour was a lot darker and there were some areas I’d missed due to it being colourless.

All that being said I do like the product, the fact it is a water and not a cream or mousse means it’s not sticky or greasy after and it only has a hint of ‘self tan smell’ BUT you need to pay attention when applying it, work methodically around your body and make sure you cover everywhere.

Have you tried the Isle of Paradise range?


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