I love summer, the sun, sitting out in the garden and most of all I love beautiful bronzed skin. Seen as it’s February let’s find a SAFE AND EASY WAY TO GET A SUMMER GLOW IN WINTER.

I’m really lucky that in the sunshine my skin does tan well, we just don’t get much sunshine and I don’t really get chance to jet off on holiday either.

This left me with two options sunbeds or self tanning.

Self tan always seemed a faff for me, trying to apply it to yourself and not turn into a streaky mess was a task in itself but the biggest thing I hated was leaving it on for 8 hours or more to develop, even sleeping in it was awful, so for years, sunbeds it was.

I loved how brown I was, how it made me feel, how much better different clothes suited me and that 9 mins of warmth and peace on the electric beach was bliss.

Sure, as a beauty therapist I knew it was aging my skin but in my late 20’s I wasn’t bothered, I went on weekly then, twice a week, then 3 times and slowly it crept up to maybe 5 times a week.

I then had a bit of a scare when I discovered something on my toenail, I did the worse thing and googled it, which brought up an image of what looked like my toe and MELANOMA I felt sick, absolutely sick I booked in to see the Dr expecting him to say “oh its nothing”….so when he took one look and said “I’m going to have to refer you”.. a total feeling of dread filled my body.

The wait to see the specialist was the longest wait of my life and all sorts of feelings filled my head, would I see another Christmas with my kids? would I see them grow up?…

When I went to see the specialist he was the best in his field so I felt totally reassured that I was in good hands, thankfully it turned out not to be melanoma of the nail but that had definitely been my wake up call.

I tried with a few more gradual tans and fake tans and just gave up, getting slowly paler and paler, which as it drew closer to winter so was everyone else but I felt so pasty.

It was then that I came across 2 products that changed my thoughts on self tanners altogether.


Firstly I received a product as part of a GWP (gift with purchase) from a company called Tan Luxe they were drops that you add in to your normal face moisturiser to give you a tan. Tanning my face had always been an issue, either the tanning creams were too greasy and made me break out in spots and almost everyone I had tried had gone into my pores making me appear to be plagued with blackheads.

This product was a game changer you add as much or as little as you like and build up a nice summer colour, no breakouts as it was going in my usual moisturiser and not a black pore in sight…WINNER

I think the biggest game changer came when I purchased a product from Minetan called Violet this was the answer to my prayers on everything I hated about tanning.

This is a rapid tan meaning you only need to leave it on a couple of hours (I had tried similar products in the past that when I washed the product seemed to was straight off).

I applied it with a mitt onto clean dry skin and left mine on for the full 3 hours. When I showered only a little guide colour came off leaving me with a lovely colour, the instructions say that it continues to tan on your skin, I can’t honestly say that I noticed it getting much darker but I was so happy with the colour.


It was so natural and perfect for during the day, it is still only just going into spring so I want to look “well” not necessarily like I’ve tanned. If I was going out at night I might apply on two consecutive days. I was just so happy that I didn’t have to waste a day walking round like a zombie…or lose a nights sleep worrying if I was smudging my tan and stinking of biscuits.

If you haven’t tried a rapid tan, you must….and if you haven’t liked them in the past you must try this one.

lucie makeup artist

*This is not an AD, I have paid full price for this product and receive no commission for any sales for these items.

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  1. Savannah
    March 2, 2018 / 8:20 pm

    Do you use the violet tan on your face?

    • admin
      March 2, 2018 / 9:08 pm

      Hi I haven’t tried the violet on my face I use the tan luxe drops in my moisturiser xx

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