Whats in my personal makeup bag

A lot of clients ask me, how long does it take you to do your makeup in a morning? Do you use all these products everyday? So lets take a look at what’s in my personal makeup bag.

Throughout my career as a makeup artist I felt the need to constantly have a face full of makeup, but as I have gained confidence both in my work and myself as an artist I don’t feel the need to wear as much myself, as my skill is how I can make others look.

I think what also helped in this transition was working predominantly in bridal, if I was to turn up in full makeup, big brows, dark eyes and strobed up to the max (nothing wrong with this look at all) most of my clients would be put off, the majority of them say “I like your makeup”.

Also another thing that factors into my makeup routine is that most wedding mornings I am out the door at 5am, so a 4am wake up leaves just enough time for washed and dressed, teeth brushed, quick makeup, hair straighten, kit check and 2 cups of tea (standard)….if I was to put on a full face and lashes we are talking an extra hour, without sleep and when I have a hectic morning and then come home to my family I need all the sleep I can get.

Which leads on to the last factor I’m not just a makeup artist I’m a mum of 4, so mornings are chaotic enough and just like everyone else don’t allow for me stood in front of the mirror for hours.

All that being said I am part of an industry which is based on looks and appearance so I would never leave my house (or open my front door) wearing no makeup at all.

Anyway back to what you came to know…..

So my daily, bare minimum makeup routine is

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow – This is my primer and I like that it adds a touch of radiance.

Estee Lauder Doublewear – My holy grail foundation, doesn’t transfer or budge all day.

Mac mineralise Skin finish – Matte and available in a range of shades, I use this as my bronzer.

Hourglass Ambient lighting powder – This is a new addition to my makeup bag from my trip to London. I’ve always wanted to try these powders and I’m SO glad I did it adds warmth, radiance and dimension to my skin.

Milani cosmetics blusher – My absolute fave shade is Corallina.

Mascara – Currently I have Lancome doll eyes waterproof it’s ok….none seem to blow me away, and I think I may do a mascara post, so keep an eye out for that (no pun intended).

Anastasia brow powder – LOVE this product I have the shade medium brown and do not leave the house without my eyebrows.

Carmex berry lip tint – I’m not a massive lipstick fan on myself, I put my makeup on and don’t retouch it all day, so I keep my lips neutral and hydrated. The one I use is tinted so will add colour but its very close to my natural lip colour so once its worn off you don’t really notice much, if I do reapply its easy to do without a mirror…the easier the better for me.

Whats in my personal makeup bag

When I have to make more effort in the daytime

Bobbi brown eye palettes – I have 2 small palettes one matte, one shimmer and if I add definition round my eye or add a bit of sparkle I will use these.

Charlotte Tilbury flawless powder – I’m not a big powder fan but if I need to use one this is my go to.

Whats in my personal makeup bag

This is all about daily makeup, on a extremely rare night out I love nothing more than getting glammed up with a full face of makeup, smokey eyes, lashes the lot!

In my personal makeup bag I own 6 makeup brushes and only 4 of them I use daily. They are a real techniques buffing brush for foundation, RT contour brush for bronzer/powder, RT contour brush for blusher/shimmer, my ABH brow brush Then if I apply eyeshadow I use a mac 217 to blend and a mac 266 to line.

See, I am normal!

Whats in my personal makeup bag

I’d love to know what your daily routine is like and which products are your favourite

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  1. Michelle Horan
    October 30, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    Wow you’re a mum of 4! I’m impressed ? my go to is nars super creamy concealer, abh brow powder, nude lip liner, a coat of mascara with some powder contour/blush to make me feel more alive. Definitely going o try the primer you mentioned and the hourglass product. Great post!! Xx

    • admin
      November 18, 2017 / 6:12 pm

      The ABH brow powder is amazing isn’t it? The wonderglow and hourglass products just add a bit of radiance that I’m definitely in need of 🙂 xx

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