With the colder, drier weather and the central heating cranked up our skin needs extra love during the winter here’s HOW TO HELP YOUR SKIN SURVIVE WINTER.

Keep up your fluid intake

In winter we are more likely to want hot beverages like tea and coffee rather than sipping on water.

Caffeine loaded drinks are more likely to dehydrate your skin so opt for fruit/herbal teas or even better boiled water with some lemon, mint or ginger.

Do try to keep sipping the water whenever possible though.

Keep up the moisture levels

Whether your skin is dry or oily you need to keep it well moisturised. If you or your skin don’t like rich creams layer up with light serums and gels with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or keep a light hydrating face mist in your bag such as Rodial Dragon’s blood hyaluronic tonic, which I love!


Add in hydrating, repairing masks, serums and mists to take your skincare to the next level.

Don’t forget hands and lips

Hands can really feel the effects of winter as they are exposed and more often than not, not protected.

Use hand cream throughout the day if possible, this can sometimes be tricky to remember or not convenient so always make sure its by your bed to apply at night and when out in the cold pop on some snuggly gloves.

Lips can often dry out anytime of year but cold winds and central heating only make them worse, when I brush my teeth I brush over my lips to help remove the loose flaky skin I seem to get at this time of year.

Always keep them hydrated with a nourishing lip balm and also apply that before bed. I’ve just purchased By Terry baume de rose, yes its a luxury product and pretty pricey for a lip balm, but it is amazing!


When skin gets dry it can often feel rough and look dull, so scrub away to reveal new, brighter, more radiant skin, removing the dead skin will also allow creams and oils to penetrate more efficiently into the skin.

If, like me you aren’t a fan of scrubs on your face, opt for an AHA or BHA lotion which gently exfoliates without that scratchy, bitty feeling.

You still need an SPF

I know the temperatures will be dropping and there’s no chance of a tan but that winter sun is still bright and shining so protect your skin, especially your face with an SPF.

Red patches and Rudolph nose

Many of us will end up with some kind of sniffles during winter or maybe your skin is so dry you get rough, red patches, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is an excellent skin saviour.

Don’t forget your body..

Scrub away that dry skin and slather yourself in body lotion before bed and wake up with baby soft skin.

And your hair

With colouring and heat styling I think a lot of us suffer with dry ends on our hair anyway, so treat your hair to a nice weekly deep conditioning treatment and use a light protecting oil to seal in that moisture and prevent further dryness. At the moment I am loving the Joico K-PAK deep penetrating reconstructor and also the restorative styling oil, I have very dry hair yet it is really fine and this oil is hydrating, yet super lightweight. I apply the oil onto damp hair before blow drying and also a small amount on the ends after I have dried and straightened it.


What are your winter skin treats?

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