Skin care can be quite a complex topic for many. Over the next few weeks and months I will give you as much help, advice, tips and recommendations as I can. Before we go into the skincare products and the aspects of a skincare routine, I would firstly like to talk about the best time to do your skincare routine.

Your skincare should ideally be done twice a day, morning and night or a.m and p.m, however you would like to refer to it.


Morning/a.m routine

Why do a morning skincare routine?

Your morning skincare is to refresh your skin and to treat, prepare and protect it for the day ahead/for makeup appliction.

Whatever your skin type, if you are a makeup wearer your morning skin care needs to be light in texture. Even if your skin is dry, choose light layers of hydrating, nourishing products instead of one thick layer of heavy cream. They will absorb better into the skin and provide a better base for makeup.

When is the best time to do your morning skincare routine?

I find the best time to do your morning skincare routine is as soon as you wake up. Applying your skincare first thing allows the products time to fully absorb. You can then have a cup of tea, breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth etc before applying your makeup. This ensures that when you apply your foundation it’s not going to slide around with your moisturiser.

Top tip

If your skin is more combination/oily or you notice your skin getting oily throughout the day I still advise putting moisturiser on and not skipping this step. Once you have allowed time for the products to be absorbed, before you apply your makeup, take a tissue and press gently over the problem areas forehead, nose etc…this will just remove the excess product that hasn’t been absorbed by your skin.


Night/p.m routine

Why do a evening skincare routine?

Your evening skincare is to remove makeup if you wear it. Either way it will cleanse impurities from your day, pollution, dust, dirt, germs from your skin. It is also to further treat your skin. Whether that is nourishing dry or mature skin, rebalancing oily skin or hydrating dehydrated skin. It will also prepare your skin for it’s repair and renewal cycle whilst you sleep.

When is the best time to do your evening skincare routine?

I find the best time to do your evening skincare routine is as soon as you either don’t require any makeup on or when you start your evening wind down. Many people wait until they are literally going up to bed. Only to slather on your lotions and potions allowing most of them to be absorbed into your pillowcase and bedsheets. Do your skincare earlier on to once again allow maximum product penetration into your skin.

Once I have finished my clients and know I’m not going to be leaving the house again I am all about the bra off, hair up, comfies on and makeup off. As much as makeup is my job, I love it and I wouldn’t leave the house without it I try and give my skin as much makeup free time as possible and treat my skin to some products to nourish and renew my skin.

Top tip

There are 2 products I keep on my bedside and put on once I’m in bed. They are lip balm and hand cream. If I apply lip products earlier on I will reapply in bed as I will have had a drink and brushed my teeth. Hand cream I leave until in bed then I don’t have to touch my phone or wash my hands.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Lot’s of skincare posts coming soon, so make sure you visit again.

And if you don’t already do your skincare routines at these times, give it a try and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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    I really enjoyed reading this post and it is such a great skin care routine. I am so excited to try this routine. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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      October 5, 2020 / 2:01 pm

      Aww thankyou for taking the time to read and I’m glad you found it useful x

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    This article is great and we totally agree about the difference between an am & pm routine. Please have a look at and let us know what you think of our big data driven routine building quiz! We built it to take the guesswork out of building a routine that works for you.

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