So I might be a bit late, ok extremley late to the party with this one and whilst I don’t watch The Apprentice I was well aware of the brand Tropic that emerged from the show and arrived with a bang as a cruelty free, no parabens, all natural, freshly made skincare line.

I didn’t have a great first experience with Tropic skincare when I initially tried it months ago, however, I am giving the range another try.


I ordered my first product online, months ago, having never before used, sampled, held or even smelt one of the products from the Tropic range.

The product that stood out to me was the Fruit Peel Resurfacing Serum

“Created for those with lacklustre, rough and uneven skin texture, this restorative overnight serum resurfaces the top layer of your skin and refines pores to reveal a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion by morning. Achieve the transformative results of a chemical peel using only naturally derived ingredients! brightening … smoothing … anti-ageing”

I mean, come on, who doesn’t want a bit of that?

So my product arrived and I eagerly applied it to my freshly cleansed skin however when it was on my skin I noticed the most strangest smell, it wasn’t instantly unpleasant, it was like an instant sweet smell that then seemed to turn quite unpleasant.

I continued to use it and thought if I could see results I would stick with it but after a couple of days I couldn’t bear to put it on my face due to the smell…and ended up binning it!

Fast forward a few months and a friend was hosting a Tropic Party, so I went along.

As Tropic is a natural, freshly made brand their products don’t contain the added chemicals used to preserve and fragrance the products, so yes whilst on paper they are “better for you” than other leading cosmetic companies, the experience, wasn’t for me quite as enjoyable, more due to the scent of quite a few of the products.

However this is very much a personal preference and these are only my views, I really did want to test the effects of the Tropic range and the party was a great place to quite literally sniff out what products I would choose.

As a makeup wearer especially, cleansing is a vital part in my skincare routine and should be in everyone’s and I am extremley thorough with this step, so I decided to try out the award winning Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier with Bamboo face cloth and the award winning Vitamin Toner Pore-Refining Mist.



What Tropic say: ” Created for all skin types, even the most sensitive, this luxurious cream cleanser effortlessly melts away makeup and impurities while providing a nourishing daily cleanse. The accompanying fluffy Bamboo Cloth helps this award-winning cleanser provide an unbelievably soft, smooth and clear complexion.”

My Thoughts: This cleanser is comparible to the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, which I have used in the past. The consistancy is slightly thinner, which I like and has a lemon scent with the same familiar eucalyptus undertone. It feels like a spa experience and leaves the skin cleansed, nourished and silky soft without any oily or greasy residue.

The bamboo cloth is super soft and more flannel like, the consultant advised that they only need to be rinsed through between uses but mine will be going in the washing machine!

It is gentle, yet effective at removing makeup, I always do at least a double cleanse with all cleansers.

Price: £16



What Tropic say: “Expertly refine pores with this pH-balancing toner for a brighter, smoother complexion. Offering instant hydration with a subtly refreshing scent, this light and breezy mist is a must-have addition to your daily skincare routine.”

My Thoughts: This rose scented facial toner is so refreshing, I tend to use other products after cleansing on cotton pads such as my REN daily aha tonic, so I prefer to use this Vitamin toner by spritzing it all over my face for a refreshing, hydrating, light mist.

Price: £14


So am I enjoying the products I ordered this time around? Yes, I’ve continued to use them and they are a nice addition to my skincare collection. Would I repurchase or look at getting anything else from the range? I’m not too sure…watch this space!

Have you used any products from the Tropic range? What are your thoughts? Comment below


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