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I touched on the importance of skincare briefly in a previous post, however I wanted to discuss this in a little more in depth.

From a makeup artist point a view I am constantly handed pictures of makeup examples where the faces are filtered and photoshopped within an inch of their life, this doesn’t allow people to have realistic expectations of REAL makeup and REAL skin, so when it comes to makeup are we expecting far too much from cosmetic products?

If we look at foundation, for example, some of us want it to be heavy duty enough to cover pigmentation, scarring, spots, freckles etc yet want it to look natural and glowing or not settle in dehydration lines and wrinkles…..and I know this as this is ME!

This is where you need to stop and think – why don’t I try and treat or stop the pigmentation, clear up the spots/congestion, treat my dehydration and keep my skin soft, supple and hydrated, this is the job of skincare, diet and lifestyle….not makeup.

There are many types of skin types, skin conditions and skin concerns so I will try and skim over a few.

Skin types

Normal – No or few imperfections, No sensitivity, Barely visible pores, A radiant complexion.

Dry – Almost invisible pores, Dull, rough complexion, Red patches, Less elasticity, More visible lines

Oily – Enlarged pores, Dull or shiny, thick complexion, Blackheads, congestion and other blemishes

Combination – Dry areas, Shiny areas, Larger pores, congestion

Sensitive – Redness, burning, Itching, Dryness

Sometimes its hard to know our skin type as the products we are currently using might be masking it, for example your cream might be too emollient so your skin appears shiny and oily when really that is purely the wrong moisturiser or you may have dry, tight skin with flaky patches but the toner or other products might be too astringent and are drying out your skin.

With wall to wall creams, lotion, potions, serums, mists, oils how are we to know what’s best?

Finding the correct products can often be trial and error, this is unfortunately quite a costly process.

Things to remember when buying new products:

  • Don’t change 2 or 3 products at a time as its hard to see whats giving you great results or causing you any problems.
  • Try a sample or purchase a trial size, a sample won’t be enough to see any great results but it will be enough to check there’s no reactions. I love buying trial sizes as it gives you enough to know whether you want to purchase the full size.
  • This goes with the previous advice, often larger sizes are much better value but if you are trying a product for the first time and your skin doesn’t like it or its not benefiting you then you are stuck with it.
  • Find what’s right for YOUR skin type and concerns, not what your bestfriend or the latest celebrity is using or has the nicest packaging. (Think we’ve all had one or two of those moments)
  • Give new products a chance. Just because you have started a new product and then woke up with a spot don’t disregard the product and say “it breaks me out” that spot may have been making an appearance anyway. Also any kind of deep cleansing and stimulation can result in spots, as this is all the congestion coming out of your skin.

This might seem like stating the obvious but buying a product and having it on your bathroom shelf won’t make a scrap of difference on your skin. These products need to be used regularly and consistently to have any affect on the skin, a fancy face mask won’t clear up your skin if you are not cleansing thoroughly and are leaving your pores clogged.

Do your research into the active ingredients in your products don’t be misled by elaborate sales pitches and marketing. Many anti aging products apart from being emollient and keeping the skin supple won’t have an amazing effect on the skin, the one main product that has been proven to help prevent signs of aging is Retinol, this product is really effective but it doesn’t come without issues…. think I’ll do a whole Retinol post soon so look out for that!

Lots of other factors affect our skin other than our skincare routine, hormones, health conditions, stress and of course our diet and lifestyle. So don’t be expecting too much from a little pot of cream try and assist your cosmetics by improving the other factors too.

A book that I have recently purchased and ABSOLUTELY LOVING is Liz Earle SKIN it’s a great resource for all things skincare, click here for more information.


What’s your current skincare routine?


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