T & C’s

Terms and conditions

Please note that by paying the date reservation fee you are agreeing to abide by the following terms. 

Securing a wedding date

Dates will only be secured once a non-refundable/non-transferrable £50 date reservation fee has been paid and a completed booking form has been received.

Date reservation fees are to be paid by bank transfer only.

By paying the date reservation fee you are committing to adhere to the following terms and conditions.

Once I have confirmed availability the date reservation fee will need to be paid within 24hrs otherwise availability can no longer be guaranteed.

Minimum booking

Please note my minimum booking is bride plus up to 4 on the day which is currently priced at £380.

If numbers fall below the minimum, the booking price still needs to be paid.

Second Artist

If timings or number of party require a second artist, this may be able to be arranged through myself.

Please note the 2nd artist will require a minimum of 3 makeup applications and travel costs may apply.

The second artist costs will be in addition to my minimum booking requirements, any changes are subject to artist disrection.

Please note if timings and numbers change from the initial booking and additional costs are not met, I reserve the right to cancel the booking and the booking fee (and any other payments) will not be refunded.

Changes to bridal bookings


Changes to the venue or location that makeup will take place may result in extra charges being made.

If the numbers fall below my minimum numbers, the original price will still be charged.

If extra people are added or the ceremony time is early this may result in an extra artist being required and extra charges will apply.

Please note that makeup will only be done at one location, on a wedding morning there is simply no time for changing location/room. Should this need to be an option it must be mentioned at initial enquiry and extra charges may apply.

Pandemic/Epidemic/Government restrictions

In the event your wedding cannot legally go ahead, and you need to postpone, I will allow one date change, providing it is in the same calendar year and that I am available.

If I do not have your new date available, no payments will be refunded.

Please note that if I am legally allowed to perform my services payment will still need to be made at the intervals stated in my cancellation policy and any payments made will not be refunded.

Please be aware that my contract is based purely on the size of the bridal party not on the size of the ceremony so should restrictions be made by government on ceremony size this will not affect my contract and these terms still need to be adhered to.

In the event that the government restricts me from being able to carry out my services on the date secured no further payments will be required.


On your bridal confirmation there will be set dates to make payments, this is in line with my cancellation policy.

Please make note of these dates in your diary/set a reminder.

Payments MUST be made on those dates; early payments will not be refunded, and late payments may incur extra charges


Please ensure prior to makeup appointments that you and your bridal party are makeup free (skin will be prepped), have brushed your teeth, put in your contact lenses, had sufficient food and drink and made any relevant phone calls.

All the above take time that is allowed for makeup application resulting in me having to rush your service or making me late for the next client.

For all treatments, if you are running late this will result in your service being rushed or cut short and may even result in the treatment not being carried out, yet still charged for.

Please note that makeup will only be done at one location, on a wedding morning there is simply no time for changing location/room. Should this need to be an option it must be mentioned at initial enquiry and extra charges may apply.


Trials are usually carried out 8-12 weeks before the wedding date and are compulsory for the bride.

Trials will take place at my studio in Leyland, street parking is available outside the studio, I ask that you park respectfully of other neighbours.

Bridal trials are priced at £80 this must be paid at your trial appointment and can be paid by bank transfer.

I ask that you refrain from bringing children to your appointment.

Trials are held midweek between 9am and 2pm, should you require a Saturday trial this must be specified when securing your date and arranged in plenty of notice as weekend trial appointments cannot be guaranteed.

If you are having a trial WITHOUT securing your date, please note that the date you require may have been booked in the time before your trial.

Please allow 2 hours for your trial, this is the time to perfect your look and make any adjustments.

Travel and Parking

Travel within a 15 mile radius of PR25 is included in the prices, outside that, travel will be charged at 50p per mile.

Please ensure there is somewhere for the makeup artist to park which is close by as she will be carrying equipment.

Any parking charges must be paid for by the client.

For destinations where there is over an hour travel or a start time before 6am accommodation may need to be provided, the cost for this must be covered by the client.

For International destinations all travel, transfers, accommodation and insurance must be paid for by the client.


Bookings for wedding makeup are usually made well in advance of the actual wedding date, late cancellations are almost impossible to re sell and for that reason the following conditions apply.

In the event you need to cancel your wedding the date reservation fee will not be refunded, if you have had your trial this also will not be refunded, as the service has already been provided.

If you need to cancel the wedding less than 90 days before, 50% of the full wedding total must be paid.

The remaining wedding balance is due 4 weeks before the wedding date, therefore cancellations after that will result in the full wedding total being forfeited.

Once payments have been paid NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

In the unlikely event that the makeup artist is unable to attend the wedding due to illness I will try to arrange a replacement makeup artist, if I am unable to do so I will refund the total for on the day makeup applications only.


Please ensure that you have full wedding insurance to cover you for unforeseen circumstances.

I am a fully qualified makeup artist and hold my own public liability insurance.


If you OR ANY member of your household has been unwell, please inform me PRIOR to the appointment and we will rearrange.

If I have not been informed and you/I arrive at the appointment I have the right to refuse treatment and the full price will still need to be paid.


Prices are subject to change.

If you have been given a quote and your date reservation fee has been paid, then should prices change, your prices will not be affected.

If you have been given a quote and your date reservation fee has NOT been made, then should prices change, your prices will be void and you will be charged at the new prices.

Please note my prices are very reasonable for the quality of my work and the range of products in my kit. Prices also include time for travel, unsociable hours, advertisement, correspondence and paper work.

I will aim to fit in to budgets etc, if this is made clear on first enquiry. If I am able to offer any discounts this will be at my discretion, please do not try to barter on price.

Working conditions

Adequate space, lighting and heating is required. I have a chair that I will bring along on wedding mornings to ensure you are the right height but will require a flat surface or table to set out my products.

For health and safety reasons children and pets remain the responsibility of the client, if any products or equipment are damaged by a child or pet, the client must be prepared to replace such items.


Please ensure you make the makeup artist aware of any allergies and illnesses that may cause a reaction from any cosmetic product being applied, should you fail to mention this prior to treatment then the makeup artist will not be held responsible for any reactions.

The makeup artist has the right to refuse treatment to anyone suffering from anything that with compromise the health and safety of her products, tools or herself for example cold sores, conjunctivitis etc

If you/the makeup artist has already arrived at the appointment before this is discovered, then the FULL price of the treatment plus any extra travel charges will still need to be paid.


Smoking including E-cigs/Vapes is not permitted during the makeup session or in the vicinity of the artist and her kit.


If time allows, I may ask to take photographs these will be used on social media and my website.

No wedding trial pictures will appear on either social media or the wedding prior to the wedding.

I ask that any photos taken by the photographer credit myself the makeup artist.

Also once you have received your professional photos back, if you are happy for me to display them on my website then please email me a decent resolution copy to mail@luciemua.co.uk

If professional photos or own photos are not to be used please ensure this is made clear and a note is made.

In affect from 01/04/20