Recently I ordered a few things from Bobbi Brown, one item was a repurchase but the others were all new for me to try, so I thought I’d share with you my BOBBI BROWN HAUL FIRST IMPRESSIONS.

I was late to the party when it came to trying out the Bobbi Brown range and it wasn’t until I went to visit their New Soho store in London last year that I really got a feel for the brand and their products.


A favourite of mine and every client I apply this to is the Vitamin enriched face base, so this was my repurchase product. If you haven’t already tried it then you simply must, the oil-free formula combines the moisturizing power of Shea Butter with Vitamins B, C and E. meaning it is rich yet lightweight, Grapefruit and Geranium fragrances leave a light, uplifting scent on skin, it smells absolutely amazing and that’s the first thing clients remark on as I apply this to their skin.


The Vitamin enriched face base was sold out to buy separately, but I was desperate to get my hands on some more so I ordered it in a set which came with the Soothing cleansing oil and a travel size of the Radiance boost mask.

With wearing Doublewear foundation I love an oil or a balm cleanser to really break down the foundation and this one is lovely, I have used it every night since I have got it and it is lasting so well, there seems to be hardly any gone from the bottle. I am still to try the Radiance boost mask, I am so excited to use it as I have both the skin nourish and instant detox mask and love both of those….I do need to make more time to mask, wedding season and 4 kids really doesn’t really help!

The fairly new Skin long-wear weightless foundation is one I’ve been wanting to try for a while, if you have read some of my other blogs you will know that I am a big lover of Doublewear and I am always trying to find something that lives up to it. I ordered 3 shades of this so I can mix to acheive a range of shades. On trying this on myself I was pleasantly suprised, the texture and coverage were lovely, easily buildable yet lightweight and it looked lovely and lasted well on the skin.


Instant full cover concealer was another product I was eager to try, again this was a slight comparison product. I use and love Nars creamy concealer and this was similar packaging and the Full Oover obviously got me intrigued so I ordered it in two shades. On first application of this I was a little surprised of how different this is to Nars, it is a much thicker consistancy, not necesserily in coverage just in feel, it is much drier on application and not as easy to apply, kind of feels like when my Nars one is running out yet when it is on it doesn’t dry like the Nars one so leaves the undereye looking a little more hydrated.

I applied and blended in it the same way as I do the Nars one and the first time I wasn’t really impressed, HOWEVER I have stuck with it and it was purely me using too much product I think so I used far less product and I get a much better result and find myself reaching for it everyday.

One thing I would suggest though is getting a colour match instore as ordering shades over the internet for the first time can be hit and miss.

I’m not a lover of creamy products, they feel and look lovely instantly but then seem to smear off and disappear, that being said some of my clients do like a cream formulation so I decided to give the Pot Rouge a try. I got this in the colour Calypso coral as I do like a nice pop of colour on the cheeks, a little goes a long way. these are super pigmented and as with most cream formulas are best applied with fingers or stippled on with a brush.

I’m not a massive lip colour person and much prefer a balm type consistancy so I decided to try out the Lip tint in 3 shades, they have a slight hint of colour so I tend to put on a little liner then these over the top, all are very wearable and super moisturising.


I saw the Crushed lip colour in Molly Wow on BBpro Aimee Morrison in a Insta story tutorial and loved it so decided to give it a try, it’s a beautiful day-time bright, a perfect summery colour.

Bronzer, this has got to be the thing I loved and wasn’t really expecting to as much as I did….the first application didn’t go too well and it grabbed to my foundation producing a patchy appearance, I was in the process of trying out multiple new products and textures so I gave it another try as the colour is just beautiful. In the natural sun you get a red tone to the skin as well as bronzed and all the bronzers I have tried are very golden or totally the other way and far too cool, this tone is perfect, it’s cool with a very natural red undertone which gives that “been out in the sun” appearance. It’s so hard to describe, you must give it a try, after my patchy first go I do now lightly powder over my cheek area first to ensure it doesn’t grab and I’ve not had any other problems since.


Purchase the products I featured:

Vitamin enriched face base

Bronzing powder

Soothing cleansing oil

Skin long-wear weightless foundation

Pot rouge – Calypso coral

Extra lip tint

Crushed lip colour – Molly wow

Instant full cover concealer

What are your favourite Bobbi Brown products?

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