choosing a bridal makeup artist

Choosing a makeup artist for your wedding can be tricky decision and when it comes to wedding preparations, a lot of brides think twice about hiring a professional makeup artist for their wedding, as they see it as an added expense that they could do without.

If you’re the type of bride who gets riddled with nerves easily or has little experience with makeup applications, hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding would not only make your wedding day less stressful, but sitting in a chair and getting pampered helps you totally relax so that you can focus on walking down the aisle, and finally be married to the one you love!

Firstly you need to think about your look, I always say to brides that you want to be the best version of you. If you usually rock a smokey eye or wear black liner then stay true to your style as anything else will make you feel bare, however if you usually wear very little makeup then stick to a natural, polished look.

Bridal makeup needs to transcend on to the camera and also still look great in person, the most important factor is that it’s going to be long lasting, most bridal prep starts at 6am and your evening guests may only get to see you for the first time at 7pm, any true professional bridal specialist like myself will feel confident that you will still look amazing whilst you are dancing the night away into the early hours.

Ask family, friends and other suppliers for their recommendations, that’s always a good place to start. The majority of my work is through recommendation, someone has experienced my work and will vouch for the quality, its lovely to do a bridesmaids makeup and for her to choose you for her own big day.

If you haven’t got any recommendations or just want to find someone yourself then research is key, look at their website and social media for pictures of their work and make sure their work is in keeping with your look.

Choose someone you click with AND whose work you love, you want to make sure their work matches the quality of makeup you are expecting to receive for your wedding plus you will be spending a significant amount of time with your makeup artist on your wedding day, so it is super important that you get along with your makeup artist.

Never book a makeup artist based on price, thinking ‘if I pay a lot she’ll be really good’ is definitely not always the case and also thinking ‘its only makeup, it’s half price down the road’ is also a big gamble. You spend lots of time and money on a venue, flowers, cake, photographer and dress and whilst I appreciate that people have budgets, your face will be on almost every picture so why spend all that money on your dream day and not have the best makeup?

If you are really worried about your makeup I suggest booking in for a special occasion makeup with your chosen artist, this wont necessarily be your bridal look but it will give you an idea of whether their work is something you feel comfortable with and also allows you to meet them in person.

When you find the right one, BOOK THEM securing your makeup artist needs to be done as soon as possible, we professionals tend to book up quickly (about a year in advance) especially during wedding season (March-September) so it’s really important to secure your makeup artist as soon as you find the one that fits you best.  I personally have brides booking up to 2 years ahead and I offer exclusivity, so only take one bridal booking per day, once your date has gone its too late.

The artist will require a deposit or booking payment to hold your date for you and your trial will need to be done 3 months before your date at the earliest.

At your bridal trial this is the time to make sure you speak about your makeup likes and dislikes and be confident to tell your artist if there are any changes you want to make at the time, she will appreciate it.

I love to make my client’s feel comfortable enough around me that they don’t feel awkward, ashamed, or embarrassed to ask me to change or add anything when I’m done with a makeup application. I also love to make my client’s feel like they can ask me about anything makeup or even just vent to me about wedding stress. We are there to help you carry the load!

Have you had any good or bad experiences when looking for an artist? Any other tips you found helpful?

choosing a bridal makeup artist


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