So you’ve always longed to get married abroad…sun, sea and sandy beaches. Your wedding planner is there to guide you through your experience but what about your makeup? Here are some things to consider about DESTINATION WEDDINGS AND YOUR MAKEUP.

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There are 3 main options when thinking about your wedding makeup abroad

1 Have a makeup artist in the country you are getting married

This seems like one of the only options and the easiest but there are definitely a few things to think about before you make your final decision.

Will you get to have a trial?

For some they are lucky enough to be able to visit many months before and have a trial however usually it is done just days before the wedding. So what happens should you not like it? Is there availability to find someone new with only days to spare?

Makeup styles

Often different cultures have different styles this goes with makeup too, you need to be seeing examples of work to make sure it’s inline with what you had in mind.

Language barrier

Many countries are amazing at English, we are definitely the lazy ones when it comes to language and whilst they may speak good English are you able to get through exactly what you want and if changes need to be made.


The first time I was asked about flying out to do a destination wedding I thought surely it is a lot more expensive, it turns out there is not a great deal of difference in price in some areas to actually flying out a UK artist than having it done at a local salon.

Building a rapport

When booking your destination wedding you will build a great rapport with your planner but not often speak to your makeup artist until you arrive. Wedding mornings are such a personal time that you want to make sure that you get on with your artist beforehand

Will you have to travel to a salon

Just like in the UK it is far less stressful if the artist will come to your room or villa on the morning especially if there are a few of you, so check whether you have to travel out to a salon on the morning.

2 Fly out your makeup artist

This might sound a bit A-list but more and more brides do this, you will often have to cover flights, a night of accomodation and transfers on top of the makeup prices, but for peace of mind and a stress free amazing wedding it will be worth every penny.

You will need to enquire even further in advance as the artist will often need to book out days either side to allow for delays etc, some artists may charge for days out of salon as they will have a loss of earnings but it is definitely worth enquiring with them, as I said before this can sometimes still work out a similar price than having a makeup artist from the country you are getting married in.

Using a local artist means you can have your trial and as much contact as you need before the big day, you will feel more comfortable and at ease on the day, they will come to you and spend the morning with you helping you get ready and may even stay through the day for touch up’s.

3 Doing your own makeup

If you are worried about all of the above and feel confident about your own makeup application then why not book in with a local bridal makeup specialist for a few makeup lessons to learn and perfect your look. The artist can advise you on which products and tools you will need for the job.

For more information on booking a destination wedding or booking a lesson with myself please click HERE

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