So you have secured your makeup artist and it’s time for your trial, here’s HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR BRIDAL TRIAL.


A lot of brides have a lot of questions surrounding the bridal trial so here are a few frequently asked questions.

Can I have a trial before I book a makeup artist?

I personally only secure a date with a non refundable booking payment, so this all depends on timing. I understand you will want to try out maybe one or two artists however there is no guarantee your date will still be available. Most makeup artists , like myself will take bookings up to 2 years ahead, I stopped taking 2018 bookings around April/May 2018 time, as I was fully booked.

Trials need to be done around 3 months before and not really any sooner, so there is no way a date would be available at such short notice. My advice is to book in for an event makeup with an artist you like in PLENTY of time and I’m talking a year or two, before even planning the wedding, if you are engaged get your makeup done, you will then get a feel for the artist, their personality and their work. You will then feel sure enough to secure a date with them and have your trial nearer your wedding.

When should I have my trial?

As I said earlier I often say within 3 months before the big day, not really any sooner as you want your skin tone to be as similar to how it will be on the day.

Should everyone have a trial?

It is compulsory that all my brides have a trial and that we perfect your look before your big day. Bridesmaids etc don’t need to have a trial this will only double the price you are spending on bridal makeup. If anyone is really unsure or has any allergies it is advised they have a trial to relieve any worry.

Should I have someone with me at my trial?

This is a difficult question to answer. If you are indecisive or need reassurance then sometimes a bridesmaid or mum can be helpful in reassuring you that you have made the right decision about your look. However, people have THEIR opinion and its not always in line with yours, so you are then faced with you being happy or wanting your makeup a certain way and the possibility of someone not liking it and thinking you should wear less, wear more, not have lashes etc Sometimes even the strongest minded of people then start having doubts about what they had planned in the first place.

Should I be makeup free?

It’s always a time saver if a client is makeup free, however some pictures of your usual day and evening makeup style are always handy, remember us artists are going in blind so to speak , everyone has their own way of applying makeup and it WILL look different to how you apply it, we rely on your feedback and the chance to tweak bits if necessary so you are 100% happy.

Should I get my trial done for a night out?

Some makeup artists will recommend doing the trial for say the hen do. I’m not too sure about that it all depends on your style, the trial is to perfect your wedding day look so it all runs smoothly on the day. More often that not if we were going on a night out we’d have heavier makeup or bigger lashes so this might not be suitable. I do understand that you have spent money on your trial and will be too glam to sit at home watching corrie, so defo grab a friend or your mum and go for a bite to eat and drink.

Should I put my contact lenses in first?

Yes if you are going to be wearing contact lenses on the day and want to view your makeup without your glasses, please pop them in before your makeup trial.

Should I have pictures ready to show the makeup artist?

Yes pictures are always good as a guide. Please do be realistic though the large majority of images from the internet are heavily photo shopped, edited, have been taken with studio lighting or are done on models who have amazing skin and features and are probably 20. You’ll be surprised how many pictures of Michelle Keegan I have been shown and asked to “look like that” I am a makeup artist not a plastic surgeon and anyway if I could make people look like her, don’t you think I would make myself look like her first!

Pictures of your dress, bridesmaids dresses and flowers colours and also if you have had your hair trial are all also useful to give the artist a colour palette to tie in with.

What if I don’t like my makeup?

Before and during the makeup application the artist should be chatting and asking questions about your usual makeup style, likes and dislikes, colours etc and be tailoring the makeup to you. Often brides will have pictures of styles they would like the artist to recreate so when you look in the mirror it shouldn’t be too far off what you have asked for. I always tell my brides, its a trial. a chance to try and test the look so don’t worry you wont offend your artist if you need a little more or less of something.

Will I need to purchase anything to top up on the day?

I am personally very confident in my ability to say to my brides that the only thing they should need to reapply is their lipstick. I recommend them purchasing a lipstick and even the liner too that I use at the trial. If a bride wishes to use a lipstick she already has then that is also fine with me, you will need to have it at the trial though to make sure it goes with the rest of the makeup look. Very occasionally someone with very oily skin may need to blot or take down shine with a bit of powder, but you will know that as the day goes on in your trial makeup.


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