Whether you have just set your date or your wedding day is fast approaching. Here are some things to consider when planning your wedding morning.


Ceremony time and size of bridal party –

This is the first and most important part of determining the wedding morning. If you are having an early or even a midday ceremony you need to take into consideration the size of your bridal party. Or vice versa if you have 6 best friends, 3 sisters, mum, nan and auntie you need to select a later ceremony time OR arrange more than one artist. You need to allow around an hour per person for makeup and then about an hour at the end for dressing, pictures, speaking to the registrar etc

Having hair and makeup at same location –

More often than not makeup artists and hair stylists will come to your chosen location on the wedding morning, whether that be your house or wedding venue. I have had weddings where everyone had to dart between a hair salon and home for hair and makeup and it just causes unneccessary stress on the morning. So if you are using your usual salon based hairdresser for your wedding morning do check that they will come to you on the day, some may charge an extra fee for travelling and closing the salon.

Allow travel time to the venue if you’re not getting ready there –

If you are getting ready at home or at the venue but then having a church service you need to make sure your artist is aware of what time you will have to be ready for the cars coming. This needs to be double checked with the wedding car company as what may seem like a 10 or 20 minute allowance in our own vehicle could take longer in a wedding car as some have speed restrictions etc.

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Early start so having someone to start on first thing –

When there are a lot of people to get ready or the ceremony time is earlier it means an early start. This is often 6am and can sometimes be earlier, SOMEONE has to be first and needs to be ready for makeup when the artist is set up. Any delays early on will knock the timing off for the whole morning.

Contact lenses in and teeth brushed –

On the wedding morning contact lenses need to be put in before makeup application. This is best done about 10 mins before to give your eyes time to adjust and stop watering. Brushing your teeth is also ideally done before makeup application to prevent disturbing the makeup around your mouth.

Allow 1 hour per person for makeup –

Professional makeup is done with care and attention to detail, layers of light, well blended makeup are applied to ensure a long lasting finish. Once the makeup application is finished all tools that have been used will need to be spot cleaned ready for the next person.

Breakfast options-

Everyone loves a bacon butty but Eau de bacon is not the scent you want to be wafting down the aisle. Be aware of cooking smells that will linger on your hair and even on clothing, so if you fancy a cooked breakfast/sandwich on the morning get an outside caterer to prevent this.

Make sure you eat and drink –

Nerves and excitement can often suppress the appetite on a wedding morning. It is a long day and at some point alcohol will be consumed so do make sure you keep hydrated and graze on some light bites through the morning to keep your energy levels up.

Go easy on the prosecco –

It seems the norm on a wedding morning to crack open the prosecco from as early as 8am but just go easy, you want to look and feel your best for the whole day so pace yourself and make sure you have some water too.

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Have things ready to photograph –

When the photographer arrives they will want access to your dress, your shoes, the rings, your perfume, your jewellery. Have all that ready before hair and makeup starts to prevent any delays.

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I hope this post has been helpful when taking into consideration your wedding morning timings.

P.s For tips on choosing a makeup artist click here


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